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UCLA’s ASL Glove Interprets Sign Language at 60 Words per Minute

UCLA Bioengineers at UCLA are developing a glove that interprets American Sign Language into spoken English through a smartphone app. The system works in real-time at 60 words per minute, with a 98.63% percent accuracy. While far from being a finished product, UCLA’s ASL gloves could become a resource for education or accessibility in the…

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Why you should begin using Sign in with Apple

Apple has published lots of information explaining how its newly introduced Sign in With Apple service solves a problem most of us didn’t know existed and which many of us would very much like to solve. Who watches the watchmen? The issue: Most social sign-in services act a little like people-tracking honey pots: You come…

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Why You Should Sign In With Google, Facebook, or Apple

Nopparat Khokthong/ Are you still creating user accounts everywhere? Maybe you should stop and sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account instead. It might just be more secure—and it’s definitely more secure if you’re not currently using a password manager. One Strong Password With No Password Reuse If you’re creating user accounts for…

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‘Sign In with Apple’ isn’t for business – yet

Apple’s new online authorization feature in iOS 13 – Sign in with Apple – allows iPhone, iPad and Mac users to securely sign into apps and websites. But it’s not likely a competitor for business mobile device management (MDM) platforms that also protect user log-ins. While Sign In with Apple is not designed for enterprise…

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