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SiriusXM Essential Means You No Longer Need a Car

SiriusXM has launched a new streaming subscription package called SiriusXM Essential. While SiriusXM is best known for offering satellite radio in your car, Essential is just for streaming, meaning you no longer need to own a car to listen to SiriusXM.

SiriusXM Launches SiriusXM Essential

SiriusXM has launched Sirius XM Essential citing the fact that “approximately two-thirds of people in the U.S. (ages 12+) stream their audio entertainment”. SiriusXM has essentially realized it needs to start catering to people who don’t listen in their cars.

Essential is “for people who want to listen on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and on connected devices in the home including devices with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos speakers, Xbox, Sony PlayStation and more”.

What Do You Get With SiriusXM Essential?

Essential gets you 200+ music channels, 100 SiriusXM Xtra channels, several sports talk channels, plus an “array of entertainment, news and comedy programming choices.” However, there’s no Howard Stern, or the NBA, NHL, and NCAA channels.

In the press release introducing SiriusXM Essential, SiriusXM’s Matt Epstein said:

“We’ve now created the Essential subscription as an appealing option for the many people, particularly younger consumers, who don’t have a car or don’t spend a lot of time in their car. The Essential package offers an attractive bundle of content at a competitively low price among streaming services.”

SiriusXM Essential costs $8/month, but you can try it first for $1/month for three months.

Streaming Is the Future of Everything

This is a good move by SiriusXM. All signs point to streaming being the future of, well, everything. So while there will still be people listening in their cars, offering access to streamers for a reduced price makes absolute sense.

In addition to launching its Essential subscription package, SiriusXM has wasted no time in making use of its acquisition of Pandora. So people only interested in podcasts can now listen to SiriusXM shows on Pandora

You Can Now Listen to SiriusXM Shows on Pandora

You Can Now Listen to SiriusXM Shows on Pandora

Pandora users are gaining access to some of SiriusXM’s most popular talk shows, all of which will be available as podcasts.
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without the need to pay a penny.

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You Can Now Listen to SiriusXM Shows on Pandora

Pandora users are gaining access to some of SiriusXM’s most popular talk shows. These shows will be available on Pandora as podcasts, with free and premium Pandora users both able to tune in. This is thanks to SiriusXM having acquired Pandora in early 2019.

Podcasts Are Moving Into the Mainstream

Podcasts have been around for well over a decade. However, the medium now seems to be moving into the mainstream. The success of several podcasts, but Serial in particular, means more people than ever are choosing to listen to podcasts.

This surge in popularity led Spotify to acquire podcasting studio Gimlet Media and podcasting app Anchor. And it has now led SiriusXM to bring its talk shows to Pandora in a cross-promotional venture beloved by old media and now being adopted by new media.

SiriusXM Talk Shows Land on Pandora

In all, Pandora users are gaining access to 22 SiriusXM talk shows. The shows, which were all formerly exclusively available to SiriusXM subscribers, cover a range of genres. These include entertainment, comedy, music, sports, and spirituality.

Hosts include Andy Cohen, who has one-on-one conversations with celebrities, Hoda Kotb, who discusses water cooler topics, Kevin Hart and Ricky Gervais, who both talk about life, Eddie Trunk, who discusses music, and Joel Osteen, who deals with spirituality.

In a press release, Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer, said:

“We’re excited that some of our most popular talk shows are now being made available to Pandora users. This will be a great opportunity for new audiences to discover these SiriusXM shows, while providing Pandora with great programming, as we continue to collaborate on content opportunities for both platforms.”

SiriusXM’s talk shows should all be available right now, and located within the Podcasts on Pandora section of the app. If you’re a Pandora user who is passionate about podcasts you can find a full list of the SiriusXM shows on this Pandora Blog post.

Paywalled Podcasts Are Now Available for Free

Given that both SiriusXM and Pandora have struggled in the face of intense competition, sharing content in this way makes perfect sense. And it’s an especially good deal for Free Pandora users who will gain access to previously paywalled content.

Unfortunately for those of us located outside the United States, Pandora isn’t available worldwide. However, we have previously listed a number of free Pandora alternatives worth checking out

10 Free Pandora Alternatives We Give the Thumbs-Up

10 Free Pandora Alternatives We Give the Thumbs-Up

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. And some of them even boast their own podcasts.

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