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Which Static Site Builder Builds the Best Website?

Static site builders are tools designed to make building a website easier by setting up a lot of the code you would normally have to write from scratch. Whether you need a website for a business or starting a blog, choosing a static website is typically a great choice. Jekyll and GatsbyJS are two builders…

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How to Add Sound to Your Site, Without Infuriating Users

Once in a while, every professional comes across a challenge so great, so ridiculous, that they just can’t help themselves. They just have to go for it. It’s like the story of David and Goliath… if David was just bored and Goliath wasn’t threatening his entire nation. As for me, I’m about to argue for…

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We’ve Launched a New Site: Introducing Modern Ratio!

Over the past year, MakeUseOf has branched out to launch two sister sites: Blocks Decoded, where we focus on all things blockchain and cryptocurrency, and WhatNerd, where we cover various aspects of geek lifestyle and entertainment. This month, we’re taking another step with our third site: Modern Ratio, for men and women who want to…

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One simple view to improve SharePoint page and site management

In the past two months, I’ve had several people ask me a lot of different questions about problems that they were having in SharePoint online sites. Have you had these issues? Pages not showing up in search; News articles visible to some users, but not others; Confusion over which pages are news versus regular pages….

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