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How to View a Desktop Site on Mobile Safari

Safari is fast and optimized for mobile devices. That’s usually a good thing. But there are still a few websites that refuse to adapt to mobile Safari or provide an inferior experience on their mobile site. In times like these, you can switch to the desktop version of the website. How to View Desktop Site…

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4 Reasons to Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Site

Running your own website can be a nightmare when all you want to do is write amazing content. Downtime, server configuration, performance issues, software upgrades… Argh! Managed WordPress hosting removes all the hassle of running a WordPress site. And not only that, managed WordPress hosting can supercharge your site in ways you probably never considered….

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The Best Payment Gateway for Your eCommerce Site

There are so many decisions you have to make as a web designer and it can sometimes be a tricky balance trying to put all the right elements into place. When you add the ecommerce piece, it gets even more complicated. According to this infographic by, consumers have very high expectations for ecommerce websites….

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How to Host a WordPress Site on Raspberry Pi

If you want the most hassle-free WordPress experience, a managed WordPress host like WP Engine handles all the setup and support so you can focus on your content. It’s what we use to run our own sister sites. But if you don’t have any funds, or just want to flex your DIY skills, then you…

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