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How Slack, Airtable and open-source software connected New Yorkers during the pandemic

When COVID-19 began ravaging New York City in March, several residents of the city’s Astoria neighborhood launched a group to help vulnerable residents with things like grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions. But the Astoria Mutual Aid Network soon found the logistics of matching people who needed help with those who could offer assistance increasingly…

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Memory-Lane Monday: Never let a software guy near hardware

This pilot fish gets an early-evening call from his business’s security company, telling him that the computer room is sending out a “high thermal event” alarm. There’s no answer after several tries to contact the tech who’s on call, so fish makes the 45-minute drive to the office. “I assumed the office must have lost…

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Remote desktop software: 8 enterprise-friendly IT support tools

For many companies, IT support has typically meant a member of the help desk walking over to an employee’s desk and looking over their shoulder to fix any problems, or a quick one-to-one connection between an IT staffer and a remote office employee. With a majority of employees and IT staffers now working at home…

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Google suspends Chrome upgrades as COVID-19 impacts software schedules

Google has stopped upgrading its Chrome browser and its Chrome OS operating system because of the COVID-19 pandemic and has not said when it would resume refreshing either. “Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases,” Google said in a short statement posted Wednesday to its…

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Can developers dictate how their software is used?

The political leanings of the Silicon Valley are no secret, a strange brew considering the Silicon Valley resembles the era of the robber barons like JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan. Rampant capitalism making instant billionaires has thus far co-existed with rabid supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has said billionaires should not exist. But lately,…

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