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The 8 Best Media Server Software Options for Linux

Ask someone how to watch video online and they will likely point you to any number of streaming services. But these aren’t the only ways to enjoy content on all of your devices. If you have a large library of music and video, you can set up a media server of your own. Creating a…

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How to Install Software Using Git on Linux

MchlSkhrv/Shutterstock Have you been told to “clone the repo and build it,” and don’t know what to do next? We’ll show you how to get that program on GitHub running on Linux, even if you’re a beginner. The instructions that make up a computer program are written, edited, and saved in text files. A program…

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Software GUIs That Imitate Real World Interfaces Are Known As?

Klaus Gottling/Wikimedia Answer: Skeuomorphs A skeuomorph is a decorative object that retains the design of the original object when the design elements of the original are no longer necessary. In physical design, the inclusion of molded rivets, screw heads, or other non-functional elements that were present on the original objects that were crafted from metal…

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The 7 Best Truly Free Antivirus Software for Mac

There’s a constant debate of whether or not Macs can get viruses. If you’re still wondering: “Do I need antivirus for my Mac?” The answer is yes. Although Macs are less likely to become a victim of a virus, it’s important to stay on the safe side. You don’t have to go overboard with the…

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The Best Video Editing Apps and Software for YouTube

YouTube has gone beyond being a simple video sharing site to become a phenomenon. So much so there are people who now watch YouTube instead of traditional TV. This means that whether you dream of being a YouTube star or simply want to share videos with your friends, creating videos for YouTube can be a…

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