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5 Ways to Safely Test Your Antivirus Software

If you’re concerned about how good about your antivirus software is, why wait until it’s too late? There are some safe ways you can test your antivirus to make sure it’s working properly. Here’s why you’d want to test an antivirus and how to put one through some tests yourself. Why You Should Test Your…

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Malware in Your Pirated Software

Researchers at ESET and Malwarebytes have discovered crypto mining malware hidden in pirated music production software. The pirated software loads the malware in an emulated copy of Linux and can infect Windows, Linux, and even MacOS. Downloading pirated software is generally a bad thing to do. Not only does it deprive developers of earnings for…

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The Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10

Are you a Windows user who’s wondering what the best antivirus is for Windows 10? It can get confusing; there are many options out there. How can you decide which Windows antivirus to use? We’re going to use data from AV-TEST to help you make your decision. 1. Windows Defender Windows Defender isn’t the same…

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