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The 6 Best DIY Security Camera Apps and Software for Linux

Security is a major concern in the tech world, but we’re not just talking about phishing attacks and malware. Old dangers, like break-ins and theft, threaten our homes and businesses, which is why there’s a market for top quality surveillance systems. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a surveillance system if…

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GitHub Sponsors Lets You Fund Open Source Software

GitHub has launched GitHub Sponsors, which lets you fund the development of open source software. As GitHub is the biggest repository for open source projects, this is big news for developers dedicated to creating and maintaining open source software. Fund Open Source Software Using GitHub Sponsors GitHub describes GitHub Sponsors as “a new way to…

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The Best Video Editing Software for Beginners – Review Geek

Zodiacphoto/Shutterstock Video editing isn’t an easy skill, even for the technically-inclined. It doesn’t help that the software to do it is generally expensive. If you’re hoping to get into video editing without spending a bundle, we have a few suggestions. We’ve made selections for both paid and free options on standard PCs, plus the obvious…

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Cool Photo Slideshow Software for Your PC

Want to create a slideshow? You can do so with various free tools, from Android apps to the built-in slideshow player in Windows 10. But what if you want something a bit more polished? SmartSHOW 3D is professional-quality photo slideshow software for Windows. Using this program, you can create polished, visually-striking slideshows with ease. Anyone…

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Do Apple devices need anti-virus software?

Apple’s devices are far better defended against malware and viruses than other platforms, but does this mean they don’t need anti-virus software? No, yes and maybe I’ve lost track of the number of times Mac users have told me Macs don’t need virus protection because they are inherently more robust against such attacks. I’ve also…

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