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Atlassian expands Jira roadmaps for better project status visibility

Atlassian has expanded the roadmapping functions in Jira Software in a bid to offer users greater insight into the progress of their software development projects.  The update comes a year after Atlassian introduced its “next-gen” Jira Software, with roadmaps as one of the key new features. Roadmaps can provide a high-level view of tasks under…

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What to Do When No One Likes Your Facebook Status

Social media has become mainly about validation. We feel better about ourselves when someone likes our posts or photos—and we feel terrible when our posts get negative reactions, or worse, completely ignored. If it happens more than once, it can get downright frustrating. You did your best to come up with a post and yet…

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Status Audio BT One Review & Rating

Glance at the Status Audio BT One, you probably won’t guess these stylish Bluetooth headphones cost just $99. For that price, they can’t look and sound great, right? Surprisingly, they can. They’re not the best wireless on-ears we’ve ever tested, but in this affordable price range, they’re up there. There’s no app or extra features—the…

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If You’ve Received HTTP Status Code 418, It Means The Server Is?

Galactifan/Wikimedia Answer: A Teapot HTTP status codes are usually reserved for serious issues like server faults, missing files, and other matters of importance. Thanks to an April Fools’ Day joke in 1998, however, there’s a particularly curious (and entirely nonsensical) HTTP status code devoted to indicating the device contacted is, in fact, a teapot. How…

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How to Download a WhatsApp Status Photo or Video

The ephemeral story format has rapidly transitioned from being Snapchat’s crown jewel to a common feature found on most social media platforms. Including WhatsApp. However, unlike pictures and videos sent to you through personal or group chats, media from WhatsApp statuses aren’t automatically saved to your phone’s gallery. How do you download a WhatsApp status…

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