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How to Disable Swipe Typing on the iPhone’s Keyboard

Justin Duino Android has supported swipe keyboards for over half a decade. Now, at long last, Apple is bringing swipe typing to the iPhone’s keyboard with iOS 13. The feature is enabled by default, so if you don’t like it, here’s how to disable slide to type. Disable Swipe Typing on iPhone Begin by opening…

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Quickly Handle Mail With the Outlook Mail App Swipe Actions

If you do email on your phone, swipe actions can help you spin through your inbox much quicker. Here’s how to use them in Outlook and how to change them if the defaults don’t work for you. To swipe an email in Outlook, put your finger on the email and move it right (“swipe right”)…

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Mozilla takes swipe at Chrome with ‘Track THIS’ project

Mozilla this week touted Firefox’s anti-ad tracking talents by urging users of other browsers to load 100 tabs to trick those trackers into offering goods and services suitable for someone in the 1%, an end-times devotee and other archetypes. Tagged as “Track THIS,” the only-semi-tongue-in-cheek project lets users select from four personas – including “hypebeast,”…

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