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Which is better for collaboration – Yammer or Microsoft Teams?

Fundamentally, both Yammer and Teams (and email) are about communication – but they support different types of conversations and aim for different audiences. The choice about which application to use depends on the nature and audience for your conversations. Yammer is designed to support broad, open, cross-functional communities of any size. Yammer’s strength is in…

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How to Use Tags to Manage Group Mentions in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams lets you tag users so that you can mention or chat with an entire group of people at once without typing everyone’s names. Here’s how to set up group tags and add as many coworkers to it as needed. Mentioning people with an “@” is common in a lot of apps these days,…

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Slack files EU antitrust complaint against Microsoft, cites anti-competitive Teams bundling

Slack has filed a complaint with the European Commission that accuses Microsoft of unfairly bundling its Teams collaboration app with its Office 365 suite. That move, Slack argues, allows Microsoft to abuse its market dominance to “extinguish competition in breach of European Union competition law. “Microsoft has illegally tied its Teams product into its market-dominant…

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The Best Tools for Coding in Teams

Shutterstock/REDPIXEL.PL When working with a team of programmers, anything that can help the process run smoothly and on track is worth a lot of time and money. We’ll discuss a few different tools that can help your team get more organized. Hosted Git Solution (Gitlab, GitHub, Etc.) Of course, if you’re doing any work with…

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