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Despite an unexpected monkey wrench, now is the time to install the July Windows and Office patches

The folks at Microsoft have pretty much exterminated the bugs they introduced in July’s patches. The Outlook-killing bug got fixed by an emergency update to Microsoft’s own servers. The Win7 .NET patch was fixed and re-released nine days after paying Win7 Extended Security customers started bellyaching.   The odd problem this month comes in the form…

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Pre-Order the Motorola Edge Today for a $500 ‘Limited Time’ Price

Motorola With a release date of July 31, Motorola’s unlocked flagship Edge is now available for pre-order for a stunningly low price of $499.99. The phone was originally introduced with a $699.99 price tag, so this discount is for pre-orders only and will go back to regular pricing when the phone releases July 31st. Motorola’s…

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How to Block Time on Google Calendar for a Productive Workday

Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your time? Do you look at the clock after a busy workday, and wonder where all those hours went? If you struggle with time management, you’re not alone. It’s time to look for solutions when colleagues, kids, and significant others start expecting a lot from you every…

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It’s Patch Tuesday time; make sure you pause Windows Updates

Yes, with Windows you have to get patched sooner or later. No, you don’t have to do it right away. Every month Microsoft releases buggy Patch Tuesday patches. Every. Single. Month. Every month we’re admonished to get patched right now, lest the bad guys start mining PCs for juicy morsels. Every month we see the…

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Is it Time to Redesign Your Portfolio?

For many professionals looking for new work opportunities, they know that prospective employers are going to ask for proof of their credentials; where they went to school; how long they worked in the field; who they worked for; a résumé communicates these details nicely. For web designers, though, a list of jobs and accolades isn’t…

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