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Grab this pro Python training for only $40 right now

The IEEE Computer Society, a professional trade organization for engineers, says that Python is one of the most important coding languages you can learn in 2020. Looking for a no-pressure way to add it to your programming repertoire? Then The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle, discounted by over 90 percent, presents an ideal opportunity. Yes,…

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Get $2,300 worth of pro coder training for just $39

You probably have more free time right now than you’re typically accustomed to. And that can actually be a good thing, especially if you’ve been meaning to pick up a new skill. If coding is something you’ve been looking to dive into, The 2020 Learn to Code Certification Bundle is a solid resource, especially now…

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This project management training can supercharge your team’s efficiency

Business owners know the importance of efficiency. That’s why project management methodologies, like Lean Six Sigma, have grown so popular. But wrapping your head around the art of project management is usually easier said than done. Thankfully, The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Bundle is here to guide you through it, all for…

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