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Master Six Sigma Project Management With This Huge 15-Course Training Bundle

Most big companies use a framework such as Six Sigma to keep things running smoothly. Anyone who wants to work at a senior level (and secure a top salary) needs to understand the system. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle helps you master both Six Sigma and Lean management, with 15 video courses and over 1,300 tutorials. Right now, you can pick up the lot for just $39.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Six Sigma Methodology

Originally developed at Motorola and then championed by GE, the Six Sigma framework is now used by thousands of major companies around the world. Whether you’re an aspiring project manager or simply trying to improve your résumé, it’s a good idea to learn this methodology.

The Training Suite Bundle brings together a huge selection of high-quality Six Sigma courses. Through concise video lessons, you learn the vocabulary of Six Sigma and how to apply the framework in any working environment. Along the way, you learn valuable management skills and get full prep for official certification exams.

In addition to Six Sigma, this training covers Lean — a related framework used mostly in manufacturing and tech. You also get an introduction to Minitab, the statistical software of choice for many project managers.

15 Courses for $39.99

Order now for just $39.99 to get lifetime access to this huge learning library, worth $2,843.

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Launch Your Six-Figure Career in IT With This Essential CompTIA Security Training

For any aspiring IT professional, certificates open doors. Some are even regarded as essential by many recruiters. For instance, many tech companies will only employ people with CompTIA credentials. If you want to build your own technical career, the CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE) Bundle will put you on the right path. This bundle offers 91 hours of content, working towards four crucial exams. You can get it now for just $49 at MakeUseOf Deals.

CompTIA Training

Around the world, CompTIA is the universally accepted standard of excellence in IT. To unlock the best jobs, you really need to have a few of these certificates on your résumé.

The CSIE bundle helps you tackle four of the most important CompTIA exams: Security+, CySA+, CASP, and PenTest+. The focus is on cybersecurity, which is important if you plan to work with big data and sensitive information.

Through four in-depth courses, you learn how to secure any corporate environment and use pentesting to find weaknesses. The video tutorials also look at countermeasures, including the latest security tools.

Each course provides full prep for the relevant exams, and you can learn at your own pace. In addition, you get a certificate just for completing each course.

91 Hours of Training for $49 

This training is worth $897 in total, but you can order now for $49 to get lifetime access to the full bundle.

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Get Lifetime VPN Service, Developer Training, and 8 Top Mac Apps for $29.99

Shopping in the Mac App Store can be pretty expensive. Add online courses and digital subscriptions to your expenses, and your bank account will quickly run dry. Thankfully, there is a cheaper way to upgrade. The Mighty Mac Bundle offers lifetime online protection from VPNSecure, plus 167 hours of developer training and eight top Mac apps — and it’s currently just $29.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Mighty Bundle

Whether you’re interested in privacy or just trying to get things done, this bundle has you covered. What’s more, the line-up is worth over $1,800.

One of the headliners is VPNSecure. This highly-rated service helps you to stay anonymous online, block hackers, and unlock restricted content. With this bundle, you get lifetime unlimited protection on one Mac.

In addition, the bundle contains eight great Mac apps. CrossOver 13 lets you run Windows software inside macOS, and WALTR 2 makes it easier to sync your iOS devices. CleanMyMac X can speed up your machine, while MacPilot 10 and ActiveDock allow you to customize your workflow. You can also handle torrents with Folx Pro, share files instantly with Dropshare, and keep track of your bills with Chronicle Pro.

If that wasn’t enough, the bundle even contains 10 beginner-friendly courses on web development.

Less Than $30

With this deal, you can get all of the above for just $29.99. At that price, the bundle is worth buying for the lifetime VPN subscription alone!

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Learn the Language of Android With This Google Go Developer Training

Although Google Go is much younger than many other programming languages, it’s already very popular with big companies. What’s more, Go was designed with the future in mind — so developers will be in demand for many years to come. The Complete Google Go Developer Master Class Bundle helps you grab this opportunity, with over 50 hours of hands-on training. You can get the bundle now for just $29 at MakeUseOf Deals.

New Language

Most programming languages we use today were invented prior to 2000. Back then, supercomputers were less powerful than our smartphones are today.

In contrast, Google Go has been designed specifically for a world of multi-core processors and powerful servers. This bundle helps you master the languages through hands-on tutorials and fun projects. The training starts from scratch, showing you how to install Go and write your first commands.

The videos quickly move on to more exciting topics, from building web servers to creating databases. Along the way, you learn all the fundamentals: arrays, slices, loops, switches, functions, and more.

You should come away with the skills to start crafting your own programs and finding work as a junior developer. With lifetime access included, you can always come back to revise.

50 Hours for $29

Order now for $29 to start learning and get all seven courses, worth $1,400.

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Start Your Career as a Project Manager With This Six Sigma Certification Training

First developed in the 1980s at Motorola, the Six Sigma method of project management has since taken over the world. Thousands of top companies use it and are willing to pay top dollar for certified experts. If you want to advance your career, or work as a project manager, the Comprehensive Six Sigma Certification Collection can help you acquire the necessary skills. The Collection includes 10 video courses working towards top professional exams. You can get it now for $35 in the Semi-Annual Sale at MakeUseOf Deals.

Master the Process

Although the Six Sigma framework was originally developed for manufacturing, it can be applied elsewhere. Over the years, the likes of Amazon, Ford, GE, and Dell have all adopted it successfully.

If you want to work for these giants, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with Six Sigma. This training helps you master the methodology, along with many other useful management skills.

Through 32 hours of video tutorials, you learn the key principles of Six Sigma and how they can apply to any business setting. You also learn about Lean Six Sigma (a popular variant), Minitab (project management software), Voice of Customer techniques, and Quality Function Deployment (part of Six Sigma).

In addition, the bundle includes full prep for Six Sigma exams — from White Belt to Black Belt.

32 Hours of Training for $35

Order now for $35 to get lifetime access to the training, worth $1,649.91.

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