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Break into Data Science with 37 Hours of Training for $35

There are many well-paid and exciting careers in technology. The fastest growing niche is data science, with Linkedin reporting 150,000 unfilled roles in the US last year. If you want to break into this lucrative niche, the Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle should be your starting point. This learning library includes nine in-depth courses and over 37.5 hours of video tutorials. You can get the bundle now for just $35 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Data Science Education

In simple terms, data science is the practice of turning raw data into meaningful insights. Many well-paid jobs in finance and marketing now require data skills, and specialists earn six figures.

This bundle helps you master the fundamentals of data science, with tutorials starting from scratch. The concise video lessons are easy to follow, and they cover all the most popular frameworks. You learn by example, with numerous projects to work on.

Along the way, you will get started with Python programming and Hadoop, the most popular data science platform. Separate courses introduce visualization tools, including Plotly, Matplotlib, Bokeh, and Seaborn. You also get a crash course in data crunching with NumPy, Pandas and Hive.

The bundle includes lifetime access to all the courses, plus certificates of completion.

35.7 Hours for $35

Order now for $35 to get this complete data science education, worth $891.

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Become a Social Media Marketing Guru with 28 Hours of Training for $29

Most people connect better with brands that show some personality. Perhaps that’s why social media marketing is becoming so important. For any aspiring marketer, the Social Media Marketing Master Class Bundle provides 28 hours of essential training. Through 11 video courses, you learn how to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms. Right now, the training is just $29 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Social Media Marketing

While email updates and search engine optimization are both important, social media marketing is the new battleground for digital marketers. Many people make a career in this niche, and social media skills are vital in most marketing roles.

This bundle helps you tweet, post and share your way to success. Through concise video tutorials, you first learn how to plan your digital marketing strategy. The training then walks you through every major platform, including Facebook and Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and Yelp.

Along the way, you learn specific tactics for each network. In addition, the videos help you to beat the algorithms, manage online reviews and construct the perfect online business plan.

This bundle includes lifetime access to the training, so you can revisit the tutorials at any time. You can also claim a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

11 Courses for $29

Order now for just $29 to get all 11 social media marketing courses, worth $969.

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