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20 Slack tips, tricks and hacks for power users

Slack users tend to be passionate about the popular collaboration tool. “Slack has changed the way we communicate internally,” says Rob Shapiro, senior director of product strategy for Muck Rack, a digital PR and journalism platform. Slack’s easier access to shared files, discussion areas and notifications “made our team smarter, faster and more in tune with…

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8 tips and tricks to speed up Gmail

Over the years, Gmail has evolved from a a convenient online email service into a powerful business tool and an integral part of Google’s G Suite productivity platform. But as more features have been added to Gmail, the web app’s performance has become less speedy. You may have noticed that it can take anywhere from…

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New Google Translate Tricks, Android Apps on Windows, Lower Your Rent

We take a look at a bunch of new features on popular services, the Disney+ Europe launch, Android apps on Windows, lowering your rent, how to scan old photos, print your own board games, and more… Really Useful Podcast Season 4 Episode 12 Shownotes This week’s Really Useful Podcast features Christian Cawley and Megan Ellis…

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6 Google Tricks When You Don’t Know What to Search For

Despite spending millions of dollars on fancy algorithms, Google Search can sometimes be a fickle beast. You know that the information you’re looking for is out there, but no matter what search terms you enter, you can’t find a suitable result. But don’t worry. If you don’t know what to search for in Google, there…

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30 time-saving tricks to try with the new Google Assistant

Google’s new and improved Assistant may not be a full-fledged revolution quite yet, but it sure is a substantial upgrade over the traditional Assistant experience. The new Assistant, if you haven’t heard, is currently something you can experience only on the new Pixel 4 phone. But rest assured, that’ll change before long: I’ve confirmed with…

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