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The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Ulysses is without doubt one of the best distraction-free Markdown editors for your Mac. You can use it to manage all kinds of writing projects in a streamlined manner.

As you’d expect from a powerful, versatile app like Ulysses, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation and other app-related actions. And while you can discover the shortcuts as you go about using the app, it’s much easier to have them ready to go in a single location.

That’s why we’ve come up with this cheat sheet, which you can save to your desktop for quick access. It contains all the keyboard shortcuts you need to manage various views, panels, and modes in Ulysses and switch between them effortlessly. You’ll also find several shortcuts for text editing.

With all these shortcuts at your fingertips, you probably won’t need to take your hands off the keyboard at all when you write in Ulysses!

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac.

The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Shortcut Action
Sheets, Groups, and Views
Cmd + N Create new sheet
Shift + Cmd + N Create new group
Control + Cmd + N Create new filter
Option + Cmd + N Open new window
Cmd + T Open new tab
Cmd + O Show Quick Open panel to open from Library
Shift + Cmd + O Show Quick Open panel to open from current group
Option + Cmd + O Show Quick Open panel to open from current selection
¹Cmd + Return (Enter) Reveal selected sheet in group
Control + Tab Switch to next tab
Shift + Control + Tab Switch to previous tab
Cmd + D Add sheet to Favorites OR
Remove sheet from Favorites
Cmd + S Save current version of sheet and create new version
Cmd + J Glue selected sheets
Shift + Cmd + B Split sheet at selection
²Shift + Cmd + P Open Export preview for selected sheet/group
³Cmd + R Refresh preview window
Space OR
Right Arrow
Jump to next page in preview
Shift + Space OR
Left Arrow
Jump to previous page in preview
Down Arrow Scroll down in preview
Up Arrow Scroll up in preview
Cmd + P Print current sheet
Cmd + Delete Move sheet to Trash
⁴Option + Cmd + Delete Erase sheet
Cmd + W Close current tab
Shift + Cmd + W Close current window
⁵Shift + Cmd + K Open panel to attach keyword(s) to selected sheet
Cmd + , (Comma) Open Ulysses Preferences
⁶Cmd + 1 Switch focus to Library OR
Toggle Library view
⁶Cmd + 2 Switch focus to Sheets OR
Toggle Sheet List view
⁶Cmd + 3 Switch focus to Editor OR
Switch to Editor Only view
Cmd + 4 Toggle Attachments view
⁷Cmd + 5 Switch to Favorites group
Cmd + 6 Show Quick Export panel
Cmd + 7 Show Statistics panel
Cmd + 8 Show Navigation panel
Cmd + 9 Show Markup panel
Cmd + F Show Find panel
Option + Cmd + F Show Find and Replace panel
⁸Cmd + E Search for selection
Cmd + G Find next match in search results
Shift + Cmd + G Find previous match in search results
⁹Shift + Cmd + F Show Sheet List search box
¹⁰Esc Hide Find panel OR
Hide Find and Replace panel OR
Hide Sheet List search panel
Control + Cmd + Space Open Emoji & Symbols panel or Character Viewer
Option + Cmd + X Toggle Dark Theme
Option + Cmd + L Toggle Dark Mode
Option + Cmd + T Toggle Typewriter Mode
Control + Cmd + F Toggle Full Screen Mode
Cmd + M Minimize Window
Control + Cmd + Z Zoom Window
Option + Cmd + 3 ¹¹Toggle second editor in Split View
Option + Scroll Scroll simultaneously in both editors in Split View
Cmd + Left Arrow Switch focus from Sheet List to Library
Cmd + Right Arrow Switch focus from Library to Sheet List OR
Switch focus from Sheet List to Editor
Right Arrow Open selected group in Library
Option + Cmd + Up Arrow Select previous sheet
Option + Cmd + Down Arrow Select next sheet
Option + Cmd + Right Arrow Move through panes from left to right
Option + Cmd + Left Arrow Move through panes from right to left
Cmd + Drag Force copy sheet/group
Option + Drag Force move sheet/group
Text Editing
Cmd + (Back Slash) Increase heading level
Shift + Cmd + (Back Slash) Decrease heading level
Cmd + Left Arrow Jump to start of line
Cmd + Right Arrow Jump to end of line
Cmd + Up Arrow Jump to start of sheet
Cmd + Down Arrow Jump to end of sheet
Option + Left Arrow Jump to previous word
Option + Right Arrow Jump to next word
Option + Up Arrow Jump to start of paragraph
Option + Down Arrow Jump to end of paragraph
Control + Cmd + Up Arrow Move current/selected line up
Control + Cmd + Down Arrow Move current/selected line down
Option + Delete Delete current word
Cmd + Delete Delete current line
Cmd + B Emphasize following/selected text
Cmd + I Italicize following/selected text
Cmd + K Create link
Cmd + L Remove markup for current line or for selected text
Tab Increase indentation
Shift + Tab Decrease indentation
(Back Slash) [text] Don’t apply markup to following text
Cmd + Z Undo typing
Shift + Cmd + Z Redo typing
Cmd + X Cut selected text
Cmd + C Copy selected text
Cmd + V Paste selected text
Cmd + A Select all text in Editor
Option + Cmd + C Copy selected text as Markdown
Option + Cmd + V Paste from Markdown
Option + Shift + Cmd + V Paste as Plain Text
(img) Open panel to insert image
(fn) Open panel to insert footnote
Cmd + + (Plus) Increase zoom
Cmd + – (Minus) Decrease zoom
Cmd + 0 Revert to default zoom
Cmd + ; (Semicolon) Spellcheck document
Shift + Cmd + ; (Semicolon) Show Spelling and Grammar panel

¹Use in Quick Open panel.

²Preview window shows PDF by default. Select relevant export format from dropdown menu in title bar for corresponding preview.

³Shortcut is available only when preview window is open.

⁴Shortcut deletes sheet immediately without sending it to Trash.

⁵If focus is in Sheet List, popover panel appears and if focus is in Editor, sidebar panel appears.

⁶Shortcut cycles through available actions when used multiple times.

⁷Favorites group appears in Library only when there are one or more favorited sheets.

⁸Use shortcut after opening Find panel or Find and Replace panel.

⁹Search looks for keywords in Sheet List and Editor.

¹⁰Shortcut works only when panel is in focus.

¹¹Refers to Split View in Ulysses and not system-wide Split View option on macOS. However, shortcut works with both options.

Shortcuts for Ulysses on iPad and iPhone

Ulysses is a pleasure to use, and more so once you transition to a smoother workflow using our shortcuts cheat sheet.

You can even use some of these shortcuts in the Ulysses app on iPhone and iPad. To discover the best of them, hold down the Cmd key on the keyboard connected to your mobile device.

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