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Understand Your Users with positionstack

One of the best things about the Internet is that it (mostly) doesn’t care where you are. The person you’re interacting with might be in Rio or Rhode Island, Bahrain or Birmingham. The Internet opens up the world. But opening up the world doesn’t mean removing it. The geographic independence loved by users can be…

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PipelineDeals Is a Powerful Sales CRM That You Can Actually Understand

Building relationships with hundreds or thousands of clients isn’t easy. That pis why every sales team needs a good CRM system. Many of these platforms provide a vast array of features to meet the needs of big business. But trying to understand and navigate these complicated apps can slow you down. PipelineDeals is a sales…

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Understand Blockchain and Start Building Apps With This Huge Learning Bundle

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are all built on blockchain technology. This system allows information to be transferred securely through a decentralized network. Although the technology has been mostly used for digital money so far, many other apps are now being built on blockchain technology. If you want to get ahead of the curve, the Mega…

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5 Tools to Understand Facebook’s Privacy Violations and Defeat It

Facebook is waging a war on many fronts today. It is misleading users into thinking their information is more secure than it is. It is using powerful political lobbies to influence government policies. And you can’t be anywhere on the internet without being tracked by Facebook. If you don’t know how bad the situation is,…

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5 Climate Change Tools to Understand and Fight Global Warming

Climate change is a growing concern across the world. The need of the hour is to act now to reverse its effects. These apps and websites will tell you how you can make a difference, and even point out some truths about global warming. At this point, the scientific community has largely agreed that man-made…

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