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Microsoft to resume non-security updates for Windows 10 in July

Microsoft on Wednesday began reversing actions it took earlier this year as the coronavirus pandemic spread and announced it would resume Windows 10 non-security updates. Those updates, which Microsoft designated as Windows’ C and D updates in a nod to their third- and fourth-week release each month, were halted during May. “We have been evaluating…

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Adobe CC Updates to Boost Workflow and Collaboration

Adobe has just announced the June update to its Creative Cloud suite, with a raft of changes, many of which are directly aimed at making collaboration, and remote-working easier. Whether Adobe’s focus on collaboration and remote-working was prescient long-term thinking, or if this direction of development is a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic is unclear;…

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June cumulative updates cause multiple problems with network printers

Many admins report that installing the latest June cumulative updates knock out their networked printers. The problem seems to span all common versions of Windows and Server and many printers that have been installed and working in place for years. The bug appears to cause a conflict with older (but very common) PCL 5 and…

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday is nigh: Pause updates now.

I call it crowdsourced beta testing. Here’s how it works. Microsoft releases its monthly patches. Headlines from the usual suspects scream that you need to get patched right now because of a known exploit – a zero-day.  “Microsoft warns hundreds of millions of users that Windows is at risk. Get patched now!” You know the…

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Microsoft to stop serving non-security monthly updates to Windows

Beginning in May, Microsoft plans to halt the delivery of all non-security updates to Windows, another step in its suspension of non-essential revisions to the OS and other important products. The optional updates, which Microsoft designates as Windows’ C and D updates, are released during the third and fourth week of each month, respectively. “We…

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