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Tim Cook keeps promising new health features, probably for Apple Watch

The digital health sector should think deeply about what happens next as Apple CEO  Tim Cook has again spoken out about his company’s focus on wellness technologies. Prevention is good for business Cook talked up Apple’s plans for digital health with IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan. His focus is very much on prevention, above cure…

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Top 3 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2020

If blockchain felt more like hype than reality in 2019, prepare for that to change. Industry watchers expect 2020 to be the year the distributed ledger technology matures and we see use cases that go beyond cryptocurrency. Areas where experts envision growth include data security, the supply chain and electronic health records. “Someone’s gonna hit…

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7 Android trends to watch in 2020

Ah, a new year. What better time to step back, fire up our rusty ol’ noggins, and think about what exciting and/or exhausting mobile-tech movements await us in the months ahead? It’s a level of contemplation that can be challenging to focus on — especially in this rowdy Android-centric domain, where Incredibly Important Information is…

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The 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

Watching Christmas movies on Netflix can be a great way to enjoy the holidays, especially if you want to immerse yourself in the season. However, with the amount of content available on Netflix, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. To help you relax, have a good laugh, or feel a…

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