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The 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps (Formerly Samsung Gear)

Most people grew up enjoying stories about secret agents and their wide range of futuristic gadgets. Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line (formerly known as Samsung Gear) bring us closer to making them a reality. Powered by high-end hardware, Samsung’s Galaxy watches let you perform many tasks, such as calling a ride, right from your…

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The Best watchOS Features to Try on Your Apple Watch

Just like iOS on your iPhone, Apple updates the software powering your Apple Watch each year around September. At the time of writing, the latest version of is watchOS 6, which offers many new features and a wide variety of improvements. Let’s take a look at the best Apple Watch features. We’ll highlight what’s new…

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You Can Now Download Hulu Shows to Watch Offline

Hulu has finally introduced Downloads. The feature allows some users (but not all) to download thousands of shows and movies to watch offline. Hulu may be late to the party, and there are some extra caveats to consider, but users should still welcome the feature. In January 2017, Hulu promised that it was working on…

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Binge Watch Your Way to Halloween with This List – LifeSavvy

Buena Vista Pictures If you want to binge some Halloween movies, but aren’t sure where to start, check out the 31 Nights of Halloween List; you can spend less time pondering and more time watching. For years, the Freeform channel has published the 31 Nights of Halloween List, which is actually the channel’s Halloween movie…

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