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Why You Should Never Watch Movies on Your Smartphone

None of us should live in a world where we consider the in-flight movie screen on an airplane to be an upgrade. No matter how big your smartphone screen is, you should never watch movies on it.

Ergonomically, it’s painful enough to provoke anger. On a bus or a plane, watching a blockbuster will make your fellow passengers envious. And it’s an act of gluttony to watch a movie at home when you could be out there filming one yourself.

All of these reasons are why you should not watch movies on your smartphone.

Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Is Rude

Some smartphone-movie-watching evangelists may tell you that being able to watch a movie on your smartphone means that you can take your movies anywhere. That’s true, and that’s a problem.

Unlike the quiet, nonintrusive activity of reading a book, watching a movie is, sometimes unintentionally, a communal experience. Have you ever tried to get some sleep on a flight but instead got sucked into whatever movie the person sitting across from you was watching, even though you couldn’t hear the sound?

The same principle is true anywhere else you would think to watch a movie on your phone in public: the subway, the train, the bus, or the doctor’s waiting room. The people around you will be drawn into your sub-par movie-watching experience, probably not by choice

If you think you can limit the awkwardness by choosing only G or PG-rated movies, then you have already compromised your own watch-movies-anywhere edict, and, to be frank, your boorish behavior is still pretty annoying.

Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Is Bad for Your Health

Ergonomically, there is no comfortable way to watch a movie on your phone. Even if you are sitting in a chair custom-built to accommodate you, you’ll strain your neck trying to look at your phone. And if you hold it up to your eyes, you’ll tire out your arms.

The only possible way to watch a movie comfortably on your phone is to purchase an adjustable neck stand like the Tekie Cell Phone Holder, but just one look at yourself in the mirror wearing one will prove that it is a crime against nature.

Tekie Cell Phone Holder

Tekie Cell Phone Holder

Buy Now On Amazon

Additionally, we all know that screen fatigue is real. Squinting exacerbates the effects of eye strain. This is inevitable when trying to watch a big budget films on your phone.

Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Lessens the Experience

Well, wait a second, you might be thinking, why can’t I just hold the phone screen all the way up to my eyes, like one of those cheap VR headset experiences? Voila! Instant movie screen.

It’s certainly possibly, but try holding your phone there for a 90-minute runtime. Additionally, you yourself have to hold perfectly still as well, so you can’t laugh or react in any way.

Even if you invest in the best smartphone screen

Is the iPhone X Screen Really the Best of All Smartphone Screens?

Is the iPhone X Screen Really the Best of All Smartphone Screens?

Is the iPhone X’s screen the best you can get? Or is there another phone that outshines it?
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, they can only get so big. A smartphone screen simply isn’t good enough for you to appreciate the visuals of a big budget blockbuster.

Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Devalues the Art

Call us Luddites, but just because you can do something in the digital age doesn’t mean you should. Streaming movies can be bad for you

Why Streaming Movies Is Bad for You

Why Streaming Movies Is Bad for You

However much we love streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, they’re not always a force for good. Here are three reasons why streaming movies can be bad for you.
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. The ability to watch almost any movie, anytime, anywhere means that movies have become the white noise of our lives, always present in the background but increasingly less appreciated.

This is bad for the film industry, as average-but-accessible movies can do just as well as the big-budget blockbusters. But it’s also bad for us, the consumers of this artform, who will start to notice a decline in quality as budgets are squeezed.

Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Upsets Filmmakers

No filmmaker gets into the business with a lifelong dream of making movies for tiny screens. No matter what distributors like Netflix and Amazon Prime may let you do, the people you should be listening to are the ones who actually make the content you’re watching.

David Lynch makes his thoughts on watching movies on phones explicitly clear in this YouTube video:

These Days, Smartphones Are for Making Movies

The worst sin that you commit when you watch movies on your phone is the sin of sloth.

Your phone is a poor movie-watching device. When it comes to movie-making, however, it’s downright revolutionary. Using it for nothing more than watching movies is like using a Ferrari for grocery runs.

High Flying Bird, a film by Steven Soderbergh on Netflix, should be your call to action. Just like he did with his 2018 movie, Unsane, Soderbergh shot it almost entirely on iPhones. It’s almost impossible to tell, if you don’t know what to look for.

The movie utilizes all the strengths of the iPhone’s camera. The character close-ups look great. The camera is small, and goes anywhere easily. Complicated shots that would normally take hours to set up can be done with minimal equipment.

Smartphone cameras obviously have their drawbacks. Some of the indoor shots are way too dark, and the wide shots are a little curvy. These are nit-picky details, however, since the device that you currently have in your pocket has clearly demonstrated that it can create a polished feature film.

It simply doesn’t matter that High Flying Bird was shot on a phone, and that is remarkable. The characters are interesting, the dialogue is snappy, and the cinematography is beautiful. With a good idea and good actors, you too have ability to walk outside and make a masterpiece.

Support Your Local Movie Theater

We’ve spent a lot of time in this article telling you what you can’t do, but there is one proactive step you can take. The next time you feel the urge to watch a movie on your phone, take a walk to your local theater instead.

If you do, you’ll be supporting the local economy, and the arts as a whole. But don’t think of it as act of charity. Take a look at how movie theaters can ensure their survival

Cinema Is Dying: How Movie Theaters Can Ensure Their Survival

Cinema Is Dying: How Movie Theaters Can Ensure Their Survival

Movie theaters need to offer more than just a way of watching the latest films. They need to stop competing on “convenience” and start focusing on “experience.” Here’s how.
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 by providing you with a unique experience; something your smartphone simply cannot provide.

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The Apple Watch Series 3 for $230, Kingdom Hearts III for $40, the Echo Input for $20, and More – Review Geek

Kingdom Hearts III, the Apple Watch Series 3, and the Echo Input
Apple, Amazon, Walmart

It’s easy to get discouraged by Wednesdays. If you’re stuck in the middle of an endless work week, then you could probably use a pleasant distraction. Thankfully, the internet’s full of wonderfully distracting deals and discounts.

Right now, you can grab some killer deals from Walmart, Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy. As always, we have a few favorite deals. We’re most excited about Amazon’s $230 Apple Watch Series 3 deal, but we can’t ignore Walmart’s $40 Kingdom Hearts III deal for PS4 and Xbox One, or Amazon’s $20 Echo Input deal.

Of course, we also love patio furniture, especially when it’s at a discount. That’s why we’re super excited about Target and Walmart’s coinciding patio furniture sales. If your outdoor furniture is starting to fall apart, now’s a good opportunity to replace it.

Laptops and Computer Accessories

Upgrade your computer or replace your dusty old mouse.

  • HP 15.6″ ZBook 15 G3 Laptop, $1,400 ($2,100 off) [B&H]
  • Dell G5587-5542BLK-PUS 15.6″ Laptop, $850 ($250 off) [Walmart]
  • Razer Lancehead Ambidextrous Mouse, $60 ($20 off) [Amazon]

Phones, Tablets, and Smartwatches

Now’s a good chance to buy a heavily discounted iPad or an Apple Watch.

  • Save $100 on Refurbished iPhones [Apple]
  • iPad Air 2 Refurbished Unlocked, $180 ($450 off) [LA Computer Co.]
  • iPad 2018 Model, $239 ($120 off) [Massgenie]
  • iPad 128GB Latest Model, $330 ($100 off) [Walmart]
  • Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth Headset Refurbished, $10 ($30 off) [Newegg]
  • Apple Watch Series 3, $230 ($80 off) [Amazon]
  • Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch Refurbished, $123 ($172 off) [Skagen]

Video Games

Grab the new Kingdom Hearts game or upgrade to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, $57 ($13 off) [Target]
  • PowerA Wireless Gamecube Controller Nintendo Switch, $40 ($10 off) [Amazon]
  • Yoshi’s Crafted World Nintendo Switch, $45 ($15 off) [Massgenie]
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch, $43 ($17 off) [Massgenie]
  • Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch, $20 ($20 off) [Walmart]
  • Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One, $40 ($20 off) [Walmart]
  • Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition, $60 ($20 off) [Walmart]
  • Kingdom Hearts III PS4, $40 ($20 off) [Walmart]
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass PC, $13 ($27 off) [Fanatical]
  • Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset, $300 ($200 off) [Microsoft]
  • Fallout 4 VR PC, $12 ($41 off) [CD Keys]

Smart Home Gadgets and Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Bring your home into the 21st century with these discounted smart home products.

  • Google Home Mini, $37 ($13 off) [Massgenie]
  • Google Chromecast, $30 ($10 off) [Target]
  • Echo Input, $20 ($15 off) [Amazon]
  • Echo Plus 2nd Gen w/ Philips Hue Bulb, $150 ($15 off) [Amazon]
  • Echo Dot Kids Edition, $35 ($35 off) [Amazon]
  • Up to 25% Nest, Echobee, and Other Smart Home Products [Home Depot]
  • TP-Link LB200 Smart LED Bulb 2-Pack, $25 ($25 off) [B&H]
  • TP-Link Smart Light Switch Kit, $45 ($15 off) [Home Depot]
  • Q-SEE Wireless Smart Surveillance Cam, $40 ($30 off) [Home Depot]
  • NETGEAR Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack, $210 ($40 off with coupon clip) [Amazon]

Speakers, Headphones, and TVs

Upgrade your entertainment center with these discounted audio and video products.

  • TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds, $30 ($18 off with coupon code QQDRIWU4) [Amazon]
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, $259 ($100 off) [Massgenie]
  • Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker, $100 ($150 off) [Best Buy]
  • Pioneer Andrew Jones Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, $180 ($119 off with coupon code SALE3) [Groupon]
  • Up to $200 off Select HDTVs [Walmart]

Everything Else

Hungry for a large pizza? Or are you in the market for new patio furniture? Why not both?! We’ve got the deals for you.

  • Large 2-Topping Pizza Carryout, $6 ($6 off) [PizzaHut]
  • Polaroid Project I-1 Camera + 8-Pack of Film, $50 ($20 off with coupon code INSTANT) [Buydig]
  • Up to 50% off Patio Furniture [Walmart]
  • Up to 30% off Outdoor Furniture (Extra $20 off $100 order with coupon code SPRING) [Target]
  • Up to 30% off Toys and Board Games [Amazon]
  • Up to 40% off Tea and Matcha [Amazon]
  • Save $40 on $100 Purchase with coupon code 40BACK [Reebok]
  • Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Blender, $75 ($75 off) [Best Buy]

Good deals can’t last forever, that’s just a fact of life. If any of these deals strike your fancy, be sure to scoop them up before it’s too late.

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5 Ways to Watch Netflix and Still Learn a New Language

Netflix streams to more than 190 countries around the world. While most of the content is in English, the streaming platform also supports 22 languages that include Arabic, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. It could be a great way to pick up a second or third language and learn how it is spoken colloquially. Or, you could just pay attention and improve your English too.

The right movie or TV show is fine alone. But these Chrome extensions for Netflix will help to immerse you into your favorite languages immediately. And you won’t feel guilty either!

Just note that not all content has the same number of languages supported by subtitles.

Language Learning with Netflix

LLN (or Language Learning with Netflix) is one of the more complete tools for the purpose. The Chrome extension displays two subtitles at the same time. The first one is the native language of the show, and the second is the language you are trying to learn. This visual pairing allows you to compare and absorb new words and the way they are spoken.

You can control the playback speed with the Chrome extension. Slow them down (or pause) to study at your own pace. But the best feature is the vocabulary highlight that grays out less common words to study later.

The pop-up dictionary is an extra aid. Use it to understand the meaning better and also hear it’s correct pronunciation.

The Language Learning Chrome extension comes with this catalog of movies and TV shows with high-quality subtitles.

Download: Language Learning with Netflix for Chrome (Free)

Mate Translate: Learn With Netflix’s Subtitles

Study 103 languages with Mate Translate

Mate Translate proves again how valuable Netflix’s subtitles can be for learning any language. The main app is a text & speech translator available across multiple platforms including Android and iOS. The Netflix specific browser extensions are there for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge.

Mate Translate can translate 103 languages. As you watch a streaming show, just click on a word or a phrase. The translation is displayed in the player and you can use any synonyms, phonetic transcription, and the speak-out feature to learn pronunciation too.

Save the words in categorized lists to practice them later. You can also export the word lists to a spaced repetition app like Reji to review them in intervals.

Download: Mate Translate for Chrome | Opera | Firefox | Edge (Free, in-app purchases)

Subtly: Become Fluent With Translations

Subtly also works like the Netflix extensions above. Like them, you can translate the words or phrases and learn a new language with the context of what’s happening in the scene. Watch a show and then review again with the vocabulary list it helps you build up.

Use Subtly and translate English subtitles into 11 languages: Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish.

Subtly is gradually being improved to include more languages. Also, you can look forward to its future as it tries to bring in other streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and Showtime for a wider platter of choices.

Download: Subtly for Chrome (Free)

eJOY: Improve Your English Fluency

English Translations

Urban Dictionary is always a big help with slangs. After all, Street-speak is a part of many Hollywood movies (Pulp Fiction, anyone?) and it could just help you grab the little nuances that make any language colorful.

An extension called SUFLI is a bit buggy. So my search took me to eJOY which is like a full-featured English translator for your browser

10 Top Browser Tools To Translate Web Pages

10 Top Browser Tools To Translate Web Pages

Almost half of all the Internet is inaccessible unless you’re fluent in multiple languages. So what are the best tools for translation? These ones.
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. It also works with YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, and a few other streaming platforms that support closed captions. Use it to get definitions of words, English idioms, common phrases, slangs, and collocations.

eJOY also has its own shortcut keys that help to speed up translations. You can use it to translate to other languages with the advanced translator, but eJOY is more for improving your grasp on your English vocabulary.

Download: eJOY for Chrome (Free)

Lingvo TV: Learn in Your Browser and Phone

Lingvo is a Chrome extension that works with your phone. It can be any phone with a mobile browser. Start Netflix on your browser and then launch the Lingvo page on your phone’s browser. Enter the code from your Lingvo Chrome extension on your computer and you can view the subtitle translations on your phone. The source and target language can be configured from the Settings on the mobile app.

Now, you can learn a language on the move while watching Netflix. Lingvo TV also supports Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Your PC or TV, and mobile phone need to be on the same network. Once connected via the code, the same subtitles you see on the PC or TV scroll down the mobile screen. You can select a word and get its meanings in the language of your choice with a tap. The subtitles you tapped on are saved in the app’s history.

Lingvo frees you up a bit more to enjoy the movie on the screen while you tap on the scrolling subtitles on the mobile screen.

Download: Lingvo TV for Chrome (Free)

Binge Watch Your Way to Better Fluency

The question will be asked… should you use Netflix to learn a new language? Probably not if you are picking up a second language for the first time because these language learning extensions won’t teach you the grammar and the fundamentals. If you are already familiar with a language, then go ahead and use Netflix to get more exposure. It might help to build your listening skills too.

Learning with Netflix is one of the fun ways to master a language

5 Unusual Ways to Learn a Language on PC or Mobile

5 Unusual Ways to Learn a Language on PC or Mobile

Learning a new language is hard work. But there are some apps and tools to make it easier.
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. But there are other unusual tools too.

Image Credit: HASLOO/Depositphotos.com

Explore more about: Cool Web Apps, Education Technology, Language Learning, Netflix.

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10 of the Best Plex Web Shows to Watch Right Now

In 2018, Plex launched Web Shows. This brand new feature was intended to replace the old Plex plugin system, which had become confusing and littered with content that no longer worked.

When Plex first launched Web Shows, only a handful were available. However, with the passage of time, more have been added to the library, and now there are dozens of shows to choose from.

Here are the best Plex Web Shows worth watching and how to access them.

How to Add Plex Web Shows

Before we dive into the list, a quick note on how to add Plex Web Shows to your library.

You need to add the shows from your Plex Media Server app or the web app; you cannot add new Web Shows from the Plex Media Player app.

So, open the Plex Media Server or login into Plex online, then go to Online Content > Web Shows in the left-hand panel. To add a show, click on the associated thumbnail and select Add to My Shows.

You can access the list of My Shows on any Plex app, including the Media Player.

Note: You do not need a Plex Pass

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Actually Need a Plex Pass

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Actually Need a Plex Pass

Do you actually need a Plex Pass? Is a Plex Pass worth it? Here are several reasons why you may not actually need it.
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to watch Web Shows.

1. Pitchfork

Pitchfork has long been a well-recognized name in the music industry. The publication started life as a magazine, but now has a widely-read website and a video-based offshoot called Pitchfork.tv.

The site’s focus is primarily on new music, though the video content is slightly more diverse. You’ll be able to enjoy music films, documentaries, live concerts and festivals, and even some mini-series.

There are currently more than 280 episodes and counting.

2. The New Yorker

new yorker plex show

The New Yorker is another well-known media name. Founded way back in 1925, the magazine covers politics, foreign affairs, business, technology, pop culture, and the arts.

In terms of the Plex Web Show, recent episode titles include “The Origins of Podcasting,” “The Gender Politics of the Red Carpet,” and “Barbie by the Numbers”.

The release schedule for new episodes is a bit erratic, but you can expect about six new releases every month.

3. Movie Mistakes

If you want something a little more light-hearted, check out the Movie Mistakes show. As the name suggests, the 350+ episodes are littered with fails, bloopers, gaffes, and other on-set funnies.

Each new episode typically focuses on a specific movie. Recent films that have received coverage include I, Robot and The Terminator.

4. Thinknoodles

thinknoodles web show

Gaming fans should subscribe to the Thinknoodles. It’s a family-friendly Plex Web Show in which the host records himself playing video games while offering live commentary on events.

The types of games played in the show are diverse. Titles include everything from random indie titles to mainstream popular content such as Minecraft and Pokémon.

There are more than 2,000 Thinknoodles episodes for you to dig into.

5. SportsPulse

Sports lovers should add SportsPulse to their list of shows. Produced by the USA Today team, it offers an insight into the latest goings-on around the American sporting landscape. European sports fans will probably find the show significantly less entertaining.

SportsPulse only began airing in 2019. However, it’s also one of the Plex Web Shows with the most frequent release schedules; you can expect a new episode almost every day.

6. Vanity Fair

vanity fair web show

Vanity Fair is another well-known print magazine. It has its origins back in 1913, but today produces six editions for the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Spain, France, and Italy.

The magazine has recently made a gamble on pivoting to video content, and its Plex Web Show offers the best of what’s been recorded.

Like the print version, topics are broad. They cover arts, entertainment, business, media, politics, and world affairs.

There’s a new episode every day.

7. TechCrunch

If you’re looking for a curated tech news coverage

5 Best Curated Tech News Digests for Geeks

5 Best Curated Tech News Digests for Geeks

Want to catch up with tech news? Try these cool options to find out what’s happening through a quick digest or podcast.
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, beyond our own output, you won’t go far wrong by watching the TechCrunch show.

As is becoming a running theme, the release dates are often erratic. Sometimes you might have to wait two weeks between episodes; on other occasions, there are two episodes released in a single day.

Typically, each show takes one of the day’s biggest news stories and discusses, dissects, and analyses it. More than 100 TechCrunch episodes are currently available through Plex.

8. Hollyscoop

Do you wake up every morning dying to find out about the latest news from the Kardashian household?

If so, it may be time to reconsider your life choices, but in the meantime, the Hollyscoop Web Show will fill that void. There’s a never-ending stream of short 5- to 10-minute clips. Typically, two or three new clips are released every day.

With recent episode titles like “Cardi B Admits to Drugging and Robbing Men During Stripper Days on IG Live” and “Justin Bieber Fans Blame Hailey for Mental Breakdown, and She Fights Back,” you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

9. Humankind

humankind web show

If the latest celebrity happenings isn’t for you, try subscribing to Humankind instead.

This show is at the complete opposite end of the scale. You’ll be able to tune in to marvelous stories about human kindness, sacrifice, and triumphs. And all without a celebrity in sight.

You can expect new videos to drop every week.

10. Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is one of the best Plex Web Shows if you want to listen to fascinating insights on companies, technologies, and the wider world that surrounds us.

It’s one of the more well-established shows; more than 250 episodes are already available on Plex. Recent content includes a look at what the dark web is and how it works, a comparison of Apple and Huawei, and a countdown of six tech CEOs who got things very wrong.

A new episode is available every week.

Discover Even More Plex Content

Plex Web Shows are just one way you can enjoy content on Plex. There are lots of other things you can do to turn the app into the ideal entertainment hub.

To learn more about the possibilities, check out our articles listing the best unofficial Plex channels

20 Unofficial Plex Channels You Should Install Right Now

20 Unofficial Plex Channels You Should Install Right Now

With the Unsupported AppStore, you can unlock new Plex content to watch. Here are the best unofficial Plex channels to install.
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and detailing how to record live TV with Plex DVR

How to Watch and Record Live TV With Plex DVR

How to Watch and Record Live TV With Plex DVR

In this article, we show you how to watch and record live TV using Plex DVR, a solid option for cord cutters everywhere.
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Surface Pro 3 for $379, Lenovo Smart Display for $62, Skagen Smart Watch for $100, and More – Review Geek

Are you bogged down by bulky laptops, clunky smart home interfaces, and an analog watch? Why do things the hard way? Grab some convenient smart home products, computers, smartwatches at a massive discount.

Right now, websites like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Newegg, are running some impressive deals. These deals range from smart bulbs to jigsaws, but there are a few standout discounts that we’re really excited about.

Newegg’s $379 refurbished Surface Pro 3 deal is especially exciting. The Surface Pro 3 is a few years old, but it’s an incredible tablet that rivals most laptops in the $400 price range. If you aren’t interested in tablets, you should check out eBay’s $62 Lenovo Smart Display, or the $99 Falser 1 smartwatch from Skagen (with coupon code 30OFF).

Computers, Tablets, and Computer Accessories

Grab a premium laptop at a massive discount.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Refurbished, $379 ($220 off) [Newegg]
  • iPad 2018 Edition, $240 ($70 off) [Massgenie]
  • MacBook Pro, $272 ($40 off) [Massgenie]
  • Google Pixelbook Refurbished, $700 ($300 off) [Best Buy]
  • Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14, $330 ($320 off) [Newegg]
  • Sabrent Bluetooth USB Adapter, $4 ($3 off with coupon code 46GCVAQ2) [Amazon]

Phones and Smart Watches

Upgrade your phone or grab a stylish new smartwatch.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Unlocked, $390 ($200 off) [Best Buy]
  • Google Pixel 2 Refurbished, $280 ($100 off) [Walmart]
  • Moto G7 64GB Unlocked Cellphone, $200 ($100 off) [Best Buy]
  • Skagen Faster 1 Smart Watch, $99 ($30 off with coupon code 30OFF) [Skagen]
  • Skagen Falster 2 Smart Watch Refurbished, $123 ($62 off) [Skagen]
  • OLEBR iPhone/Apple Watch/AirPod Charging Stand, $20 ($15 off with coupon code JRVKVPKR) [Amazon]

Smart Home Gadgets and Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Upgrade your smart home with these killer deals.

  • Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant, $62 ($130 off, an extra $7 off at checkout) [eBay]
  • Echo Dot w/ Philips Hue White & Color Starter Kit, $90 ($110 off) [Amazon]
  • Google Home Hub, $80 ($20 off) [Massgenie]
  • Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug, $40 ($35 off) [Amazon]
  • Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $95 ($25 off) [Amazon]
  • LIFX Smart Bulb 4-Pack, $145 ($50 off) [Amazon]
  • Philips Hue White Smart Bulb 2-Pack, $37 ($12 off) [Home Depot]
  • Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack, $399 ($100 off) [Home Depot]
  • NETGEAR Arlo Security Cameras 2-Pack, $100 ($150 off) [Best Buy]
  • Elgato Stream Deck Controller, $119 ($30 off) [GameStop]
  • TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Router, $57 ($23 off) [Amazon]
  • Netgear Mesh Wi-Fi System Refurbished, $180 ($70 off) [Amazon]

Games and TVs

Buy a discounted Nintendo Switch or grab a paper-thin QLED TV.

  • Nintendo Switch Console, $260 ($40 off) [Massgenie]
  • Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta 1 Nintendo Switch, $50 ($10 off) [Amazon]
  • Dungeon Rushers Nintendo Switch, $6 ($9 off) [Nintendo]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PS4, $15 ($43 off) [eBay]
  • Gris PC, $13 ($4 off) [Steam]
  • Samsung 55″ QLED Smart TV, $1,428 ($550 off with coupon code GIFHJW) [Google Express]

Speakers and Headphones

Make your music more enjoyable with these discounts.

  • Audio Technica ATH-M50xBB Studio Headphones, $120 ($40 off) [Massgenie]
  • Blackwave Wireless Bluetooth Headset, $12 ($28 off) [Groupon]
  • Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, $32 ($17 off with coupon code LeAirUS) [GearVita]

Everything Else

Need a new yoga mat or a jigsaw? We’ve got the deals for you.

  • Pandora Premium 3-Months for Free [Groupon]
  • Free Amazon Business Office Supplies Sample Box ($12 off with coupon code OfficeBox1) [Amazon]
  • Lowe’s Spring Black Friday Sale [Lowe’s]
  • Big Lots End of Season Clearance [Big Lots]
  • Walgreens 25% off sitewide with Coupon Code APRILSHOWERS [Walgreens]
  • Liforme Travel Yoga Mat, $100 ($25 off) [Amazon]
  • Bosch 12 Volt Cordless Jigsaw, $89 ($20 off when you add to cart) [Amazon]
  • Up to $13 off Living Proof Hair Products [Sephora]

Good deals can’t last forever; it’s just a fact of life. If any of these deals strike your fancy, be sure to scoop them up before it’s too late.

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer With a VPN or UK Proxy

These days, watching TV on your computer is a cinch. It is so easy that many people eschew a regular TV altogether and exclusively use online services. Sadly, geo-restrictions limit some of the best content to certain countries.

BBC iPlayer is one such service. The BBC’s video streaming service is only available to viewers in the UK. Attempting to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK displays an error message. However, there are ways to circumvent these location-based restrictions.

Here’s how you can watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN or UK proxy.

1. Watch BBC iPlayer Using a VPN

Your first option is using a virtual private network (VPN). You can use a VPN to make your web traffic appear as if it originates in the UK. Thus, when you attempt to access BBC iPlayer from another country, the service will show the content.

The BBC is no stranger to VPNs. At times, some VPNs struggle to maintain their connections to BBC iPlayer as the BBC blacklists known VPN server addresses. However, all is not lost; there are several excellent VPN providers that keep ahead of the blacklisting.

Are you new to the idea of VPNs? Then first read our explanation of what a VPN is and how a VPN works.

There are three VPN providers you should check out:

In our experience, these three VPNs consistently allow you access to the BBC iPlayer streaming service from another country. While traveling, I use ExpressVPN to make sure I don’t miss my favorite programs. You can grab a special MakeUseOf discount on an ExpressVPN subscription using this link!

Once you subscribe to a VPN provider, download and install the VPN software. Open the VPN software, input your user credentials, and then select a UK-based VPN server. After the connection establishes, you can watch BBC iPlayer.

2. Watch BBC iPlayer Using a Browser Extension

bbc iplayer geo restriction

Unfortunately, the number of free UK proxy services able to access BBC iPlayer has fallen dramatically since the BBC stepped up enforcement against known proxy servers. It is a similar situation to the VPN services above, and the Tor exit nodes in the section below.

The BBC actively monitors known proxy server addresses for incoming data, and as such, it makes using a free UK proxy to watch BBC iPlayer incredibly difficult. Difficult, but not impossible.


One of the best proxy options at the time of writing is a Chrome extension called Beebs. Beebs is a simple proxy extension for Google Chrome that allows you to access BBC iPlayer, as well as ITV Player and 4oD (two other UK broadcast channels with similar geo-restrictions). You will achieve the best results using Beebs with a single browser window open.

Download: Beebs for Google Chrome (Free)


Another handy UK proxy option is Wachee. Wachee is also a Google Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch BBC iPlayer. Furthermore, Wachee enables you to view Netflix and Hulu, depending on your country of origin.

Download: Wachee for Google Chrome (Free)

3. Set Your Browser to Use a UK Proxy Server

Of course, you don’t have to rely on a browser extension. You can tell your browser to use a UK proxy server at all times. Sending all of your traffic through a UK proxy will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer. But if you are in a different country, any services and apps that rely on your location will cease to work.

That’s where a proxy switcher comes into play. With a proxy switcher installed, you can load up several different proxy servers to cycle through until you find one that works. After you finish watching your BBC iPlayer program, turn the proxy switcher off, and your settings return to normal.

Download: Proxy Switcher and Manager for Google Chrome (Free) | Opera (Free)
Download: FoxyProxy Standard for Mozilla Firefox (Free)

Then head to Xroxy and check out their massive list of UK proxy servers. You can copy and paste the details of the proxies into your proxy switcher of choice, then access BBC iPlayer.

4. Use a UK Tor Exit Node to Watch BBC iPlayer

As you can see above, the availability of free UK proxy services to watch BBC iPlayer is low. There is an alternative to a UK proxy server, though. You can attempt to use the Tor browser and the Tor network to access BBC iPlayer.

Please note that connections through Tor are slow. It isn’t like the regular internet, and as such, there is a strong chance you will struggle to watch a live stream.

Tor works by bouncing your data through different nodes around the globe. The process makes your data untraceable. If someone were to trace your data, they would find the IP address of the Tor network exit node, not your originating IP address. An exit node is where Tor network data re-joins the regular internet.

Here’s our unofficial guide to Tor

Really Private Browsing: An Unofficial User’s Guide to Tor

Really Private Browsing: An Unofficial User’s Guide to Tor

Tor provides truly anonymous and untraceable browsing and messaging, as well as access to the so called “Deep Web”. Tor can’t plausibly be broken by any organization on the planet.
Read More

. Read through it and set your Tor browser up.

Most of the time, you should leave your Tor settings well alone. A poorly configured Tor browser can expose your data. However, you can specify the exit node country. In this case, changing it to the UK (or, GB, as you will see) gives you a chance of watching BBC iPlayer.

After you first open and configure the Tor browser, it creates the “torrc” file. The torrc file contains configuration information, and you find it in the Tor installation folder. For instance, my torrc file is found at: “C:UsersGavinTor BrowserBrowserTorBrowserDataTor.” You can edit the torrc file using a text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++. Right-click the torrc file and select Open with > Notepad. (Or your text editor of choice; I’m using Notepad++, but the process is the same.)

Now, you need to add the following lines to the torrc file:

  • EntryNodes {your country code} StrictNodes 1
  • ExitNodes {gb},{uk} StrictNodes 1

tor torrc exit node configuration

You can find your country entry code using the Tor country codes list.

Save the file, overwriting the existing file. When you open Tor, your exit node preferences will update, and you should be able to access BBC iPlayer.

Yes, You Can Watch BBC iPlayer in the US!

As you can see, you can watch the fantastic range of programming from the BBC from wherever you are in the world, including the US.

The BBC is making it increasingly difficult to watch iPlayer, with geo-restrictions, limitations on programming, and known proxy and VPN server blocks standing in your way. However, by using one of the methods outlined above you will be able to unlock BBC iPlayer.

It isn’t just BBC iPlayer that comes loaded with geo-restrictions, mind. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and a heap of other video-on-demand services struggle with geo-licensing restrictions. In all honesty, a VPN is the best option to skirt those restrictions.

With that in mind, here is our guide to the best VPN services

The Best VPN Services

The Best VPN Services

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers, grouped by premium, free, and torrent-friendly.
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to get you started.

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The Best Apple Watch Travel Stands – Review Geek

Belkin Apple Watch Travel Stand

Your Apple Watch deserves somewhere nice for it to rest at night, even if you’re traveling and trying to keep your luggage allowance low. We’ve tracked down the best Apple Watch travel stands for just such occasions.

Sure, you can leave your Apple Watch resting on a bedside table in your hotel but how easily does it fall off during the night? Exactly. Slotting its magnetic charging puck means it’s an uneven surface that’s liable to cause it to slip. Each of these Travel Stands keeps it upright and ideal for leaving in Nightstand mode overnight, while still correctly charging it. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

Best Travel Case: Twelve South TimePorter ($46)

Twelve South TimePorter Apple Watch Stand
Twelve South

The joy of a solid travel case is that you don’t have to worry about any of your Apple Watch accessories getting damaged while you travel. That’s why the Twelve South TimePorter is such a great purchase. It’s a long case that has enough room for the charging puck, a power adapter, and any extra wrist bands you require. It also has a built-in spool so you can easily wrap your cables up neatly and safely.

And of course, it makes for a good travel stand. Either opened or partially closed, it’s possible to slide your Apple Watch on to it so you can easily see the time from any angle. It’s a good all-rounder.

Most Stylish Travel Stand: Belkin Travel Stand ($20)

Belkin Travel Stand

Looking almost like a work of modern art, the Belkin Travel Stand is straight forward enough to use. Its circular base conceals the magnetic charging puck which rises up for you to attach your Apple Watch to it. The base then keeps things steady throughout the night and easily allows you to leave the Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.

As well as that, the stand easily stores up to 2m of Apple Watch charging cable so your workspace is neat and tidy, and the cable is kept safe from any potential issues. It’s easily small enough to toss into your bag too but good looking enough that you may find yourself using it at home.

Best Foldable Design: UGREEN Charger ($34)

UGREEN Charger

The UGREEN Charger offers a neat looking design. Foldable, you can flatten it down when carrying it around before pushing it back up to attach your Apple Watch to it overnight. It has a built-in magnetic charging puck so you don’t have to worry about taking your own cables with you either. The puck is also MFI certified and only takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge your Apple Watch so it’s on a par with the official charger.

The UGREEN Charger design won’t look out of place on a hotel nightstand or when in the office, so it’s multi-purpose. Easily slipped into your bag and lightweight, you’ll find it simple to take around with you.

Best Budget Choice: TomRich Travel Companion ($8)

TomRich Travel Companion

Not every travel stand has to be expensive to work well. If you simply want a small plastic travel stand to prop your Apple Watch on at night then the TomRich Travel Companion is a good alternative.

Made from durable and scratch-free silicone material, you can safely slot your Apple Watch on to it without any risk of scratching it. You need to use your own magnetic charging puck—which is to be expected given the price—but it easily slides into the side of the stand with a nice snug fit. The angle means it works well for switching your Watch into nightstand mode too.

Smallest Travel Stand: Kinnara Apple Watch Charging Case ($8)

Kinnara Apple Watch Charging Case

If you’re super limited for space then the Kinnara Apple Watch Charging Case could be the solution for you. It’s small enough to fit into your hand and wallet-shaped. Made from silicone, it’s durable and scratch-free so the ideal surface to place your Apple Watch on.

You simply slide the Watch over the surface with a slot that holds the magnetic charging puck securely. There’s room for a cable winder and another slot to keep it tightly snug to the case. It’s not as smart looking as others here but if space is at an extreme premium, it’s ideal.

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