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50 Best Websites of 2019

Every month we roundup the freshest website designs released on the web in the previous four weeks. This month is a little different: for December we’re rounding up the 50 best designs of 2019.

From some very tough competition, these are the 50 sites we liked the best this year. Each one has been chosen either because it took a unique approach, or because it was central to a design trend that was a big hit in 2019. There’s a lot of fullscreen video, a lot of illustration, and the emergence of a post-Brutalist maximalism trend that’s set to keep running into 2020 and beyond. Is your favorite included in the list?


Nomadic Tribe

Illustration has been one of the biggest trends of 2019, and it is used to great effect in Nomadic Tribe, an interactive, animated short story, created to celebrate the end of 2018 and the start of 2019. Very little has surpassed it all year.




It’s never easy to reinvent navigation while maintaining great usability. Travelshift does an exceptional job of combining a simple navigation interaction, with beautiful animated transitions, to create one of the sites of the year.




Sound on the web is one of the least-liked technologies, with most people browsing with their sound off, and those that do enable it using tinny notebook speakers. So the designers of Devialet’s site had to present depth, range, and power in a visual way.



Studio Brave

More full screen video, this time from Studio Brave who wowed us in 2019 with some exceptional visuals to sell us on their portfolio. We even like the custom cursor, which is normally a huge no-no.



Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

One of the biggest films of the year is designed to hark back to the culture of 50 years earlier, and its awesome promo site transports you to the time of Woodstock and the moon landing.




2019 is the year that we abandoned minimalist grey and adopted bright, rich colors. The trend is all the more obvious when combined with dark mode. One of the best examples this year was the art supply store Hackem.



Near Miss Memorials

Not all sites abandoned minimalism in 2019. Near Miss Memorials is a public safety campaign site from New Zealand that adopts a suitably sombre mood.



Flatiron Collective

As well as tons of video, we also saw a lot of vector animation in 2019. A great example is the Flatiron Collective site that uses animated illustrations to pitch services to business.



The Face

80s style bible The Face returned from publishing oblivion in 2019, with an online blog and plans for a print magazine. Its innovative approach to filling the page with repeat (not scaleable) images, is inspired.



Takahisa Mitsumori

Berlin-based Japanese musician Takahisa Mitsumori released a site in 2019 that follows absolutely no trends, and presents a very minimal, almost Saville-esque set of visualizations of his work.



Universal Sans

Variable fonts were big news in 2019 and the awesome site for Universal Sans allows you to use the technology to adapt the font for your own purposes.



West Coast Tasmania

We loved this exceptional site for tourism in Western Tasmania. The colors and illustrations are great, and the photography is so inspiring it makes me want to book a trip right now.




2019 was a year of diverse musical influences. 40075 is an interactive experience designed to help you discover exciting new music by artists from Songhoy Blues to Gily Yalo.



Cher Ami

One of the most vibrant sites of 2019 is Cher Ami. Packed with little details that make it stand out, like the angle of the fly-out menu, and dramatic transitions.



Kalfire W53/50R

We loved full-screen video in 2019, and the Kalfire W53/50R site has it in spades. Click through to the design page for more video. High-end production values like these are essential when selling luxury products.



Hazelbrook Legal

As is to prove that the full screen video trend isn’t restricted to fashion labels and travel sites, Hazelbrook Legal uses a video of a marble ball navigating an Escher-style maze; a metaphor for the legal firm’s role.



Save Whales

There’s no ignoring the deterioration of the natural world any longer. As we enter a new decade expect to see more inspiring sites like Save Whales, campaigning to protect ecosystems.



The Nue Co.

With so much color on the web this year, it’s startling when you encounter a black and white, high-contrast approach. The Nue Co. uses a little subtle color in its product images, but the whole site is mostly black and white, and all the more impactful for it.



1017 Gin

1017 Gin’s site is a high-class mix of glossy magazine layout, and coffee-table book. The one-pager is understated, with just a nod to trends with undersized images. The way the page splits when you click ‘buy’, is lovely, because it’s unexpected.



Stonewall Forever

2019 marked 50 years of Pride. Stonewall Forever describes itself as a living monument to the movement. The generated rainbow features stories from the early days of the LGBTQ rights movement.



Zhee-Shee Production

More illustration from 2019, this time from Zhee-Shee Production. Many illustrators followed a similar style, derived from 2018’s trends, but these witty illustrations forge their own path.




Early on in 2019 we saw this site for the incredible Under restaurant in Norway. We love the Scandinavian aesthetic, proving that simplicity can sell luxury, and the logotype is inspired.




As the Northern hemisphere shivers towards the end of 2019, this site for boat hire in the Balearics is an enticing prospect for Summer 2020.



Part Architects

Mid-way through 2019, a new trend started to take hold; Brutalism. It’s a harsh, monotone, functional approach that is often deliberately ugly. Part Architects uses it to full effect.



Trux Studio

More full screen video, this time being used to explain the innovative business of Denmark’s Trux Studio. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you’re filming in such a beautiful landscape.



Genesis Block

2019 saw a wide range of business-to-business sites adopt a more design-led approach to their marketing. One such site is Genesis Block, a fintech site that uses line art, dark mode, and gradients.



The Frontier Within

The best websites are not just well designed, they blend information with experience to inform and inspire. The Frontier Within is one such site that illustrates the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous system to create a portrait of the human body.




Out of 2019’s Brutalist trend emerged a new trend, with more legs. Maximalism carried us through from July onwards and looks like continuing into 2020. Chevalvert’s site is a prime example.




Another big trend in 2019 was over-sized typography. One of the best examples is Gyro, featuring an oversized logo that explodes and rotates when you cursor over it.




Marble tackles problems facing children around the world. Its delightful site features maze-like, over-sized text.



Oban Whisky

Another fullscreen video site, this time for Oban Whisky, a distillery in Western Scotland. The site combines beautiful video with modern typography to focus on heritage and brand values.



Bruegel: Once in a Lifetime

Animation was popular in 2019, but this site takes it a step further. It’s a site for an exhibition of work by the Flemish master Pieter Bruegel the Elder, in which his paintings are animated.



Bruno Simon

One of the most popular portfolio sites of the year was Bruno Simon’s. It features a miniature RC truck that you drive through a 3D landscape to explore his portfolio.




Daly is a very successful PR agency that launched a bold, colorful site in 2019. The highlighted period in the logotype is far from original, but I do love the way it follows the viewport as you scroll.



Gucci Marmont

3D has featured extensively in sites throughout 2019, and one of the most interesting examples was Gucci’s Marmont collection site, which mimicked 17th-century art in exhibition format.



Bon Iver Visualizer

Data visualizations are growing increasingly sophisticated as computers get more and more powerful. This site, built with Spotify data, shows all the people currently streaming Bon Iver’s music.




As web designers get to grips with broad problems, they’re free to focus on small details, like the subtle blur added to Monestery’s transition fades, creating a luxury brand experience.



Almond Surfboards

The retro look is still in, in 2019. It will still be with us well into the 2020s. People love nostalgia it seems and Almond Surfboards does a great job of adding old-school credibility to its high-tech boards.



Type By

Type By is a new type foundry, that launched in 2019, so as you’d expect its site is text-only. We haven’t seen enough of this in 2019, but when done this well it’s very compelling.



Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is a globally reknowned agency whose engagingly simple site charmed us this year. The post-Brutalist approach adopted by a large agency suggests it’s a trend with staying power.



La Maison de Santé Pantinoise

Web design in 2019 wasn’t all about trends. Design is about creating something appropriate, and this site for a Parisian MD office is calming, and reassuring. The block animation sensitively illustrates the conditions that are covered.



MA True Cannabis

Cannabis is increasingly acceptable in many countries, and its marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated as a result. MA True Cannabis uses four ‘worlds’ to highlight some of the benefits of this naturally occurring, popular herb.



To Taste

To Taste was one of our very favorite recipe sites this year. It’s very easy to browse, and the mouth-watering photography is a clear guide to what your concoction was supposed to turn out like.



Déplacé Maison

Déplacé Maison’s art direction evokes graphic novels. It’s an original aesthetic that is reinforced with lettering-style typography, for a completely bespoke look.



Hinderer & Wolff

There were dozens of elegant and sophisticated sites released for wine brands this year. One of our favorites is Hinderer & Wolff, because it’s a joy to explore.



Precision Run

Outside of web design, one of the big trends in tech for 2019 was connected, indoor exercise. Precision Run is one of the leading pack, and its site is suitably high-energy.



Headless Horse

With dozens of ways to browse a portfolio, it’s great to see that agencies are still finding new and exciting ways to present their work. Headless Horse’s approach is effective because their client list is so familiar.



Editorial New

There’s been an increasing tendency among type designers to release entire websites to promote a single typeface. Joining this trend is Editorial New, a body text-appropriate typeface with a site that’s a joy to scroll through.



Neutral Works

One of the biggest design trends among developers in 2019 was liquid-style transitions. One of the best examples is Japan-based Neutral Works’ portfolio.



Pacto Navio

This beautifully art directed site is for Pacto Navio, a Cuban rum distilled near Havana. The brand illustrations give it a distinctly Caribbean flavor, and sell the brand perfectly.


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Feeling Depressed? Here Are the Top 4 Good News Websites

If you turn on the news or scroll through it on your phone, you’ll be bombarded with fear-inducing and often upsetting headlines. Mainstream news tends to focus on conflict, disaster, scandal, and politics, not subjects commonly thought to make us feel good.

Many people are left feeling overwhelmed by this onslaught of negativity. But, there is an alternative—you just need to know where to look.

If you need help getting a daily dose of good news, we can help. Here are the five best positive news websites.

Positive news---a website with only good news

One of the most prominent good news websites is Positive News. Founded in 1993, the organization aims to produce independent positive news stories.

They refer to this type of writing as constructive journalism, which doesn’t focus on negative and conflict-ridden headlines. Positive News is a quarterly magazine, as well as an online publication.

In 2015, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign titled #OwnTheMedia. This turned Positive News into a co-operative, essentially making each of the 1,500 backers a co-owner of Positive News. This is an unusual model for journalism and keeps the publication accountable to its vision.

The site publishes stories on a wide range of topics, including society, environment, lifestyle, science, and economics. Positive News is a UK-based organization, so some stories do have a more British slant to them. However, they are aware of this and have an entire section devoted to global positive news stories.

Good News Network website

A common theme among positive news websites is their longevity. The Good News Network has been operational since 1997 and has amassed an archive of over 21,000 positive news stories.

The so-called Good News Guru, Geri Weis-Corbley, has been at the helm since founding the site. Like Positive News, Good News Network has its own regional slant, covering some of the best positive news in the USA.

If you want to support the site, you can become a member by donating. Good News Network is also an excellent choice for those on-the-go, thanks to the site’s mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Instead of opening your regular news app, or Facebook, while in line at the grocery store, tap open the Good News Network app instead. If you really can’t avoid social media, then try out these obscure social media apps for when you get bored

8 Obscure Social Media Apps for When You Get Bored

8 Obscure Social Media Apps for When You Get Bored

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as well.

For those who prefer their news in podcast form, the site also produces the Good News Gurus Podcast. They also acknowledge that good news doesn’t end at the US border, so the site has an entire section dedicated to positive world news. There’s even a Spanish language section of the site.

Unlike some positive news websites, Good News Network is not a non-profit organization. This is because they want to show that you can be a viable and profitable business while still focusing on the positive things in life.

The Optimist Daily positive news website

While other positive news websites tend to take a slower approach to journalism. The Optimist Daily is focused on the here and now. The site’s aim is “to accelerate the shift in human consciousness by catalyzing 100,000,000 people to start each day with a positive solutions mindset.” The site doesn’t aim to be an alternative to the mainstream news.

Instead, it wants to be a positive outlet, where people can get the good news of the day. That doesn’t mean you have to stop reading traditional news altogether, though. You can use the most trustworthy news websites

12 Best News Sites You Can Trust

12 Best News Sites You Can Trust

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to scratch that itch. The site is provided for free thanks to its subscribers, known as Emissaries.

Some phrases used to describe the site sound like they were taken from a new age self-help guide. But, beneath the flowery language, their mission is the same as other positive news websites; to spread good news today and minimize negativity.

The Optimist Daily doesn’t just focus on good news, though. It also has a substantial archive of personal development tips and techniques, too.

r/UpliftingNews feel good news subreddit

Reddit isn’t a website that people associate with good news. The site is more commonly linked with controversy for its more infamous subreddits. However, Reddit can offer you good news for a change.

The Uplifting News subreddit describes itself as “a place to read and share positive and uplifting, feel-good news stories.”

The subreddit first launched in 2012, and the community is now 15.2 million strong. The moderators do an excellent job of keeping the discussion focused and, for the most part, good-natured. When things do veer off into less desirable territory, other users encourage each other to stay focused on the positive and not descend into squabbling.

Although, if you want to read only good news, you can opt to ignore the discussions and use the subreddit as a place to discover positive news stories instead. With such a diverse membership, the site is also a great resource for positive world news, too.

If you’re new to the site, you may want to check out the best Reddit sites and apps for beginners as well.

The Happy News positive newspaper website

Although we’ve covered some of the best positive news websites, you may still be wondering if there are any good news newspapers out there. Fortunately, there are. The Happy News is a quarterly newspaper by British writer and illustrator, Emily Coxhead.

The 32-page newspaper launched in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, it has delivered on its promise to give readers something to smile about. News items are arranged chronologically by month, and each issue is centered around a specific theme.

There is even a section called Everyday Heroes, which takes a look at some of the most inspirational people and organizations, as nominated by The Happy News readers. The newspaper is available as a subscription and can be shipped worldwide.

The Best Good News Website for You

If traditional media is to be believed, we live in a world that is frightening, scary, and dangerous. It can be exhausting to turn on the news each day and be presented with some of the most upsetting and negative news stories. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. These positive news websites (and one good news newspaper) offer feel good news and can help give you a happier outlook on the world.

Even with these positive news websites in your life, you may be after more ways to make your day brighter. In which case, try out these positivity apps to boost your spirits

5 Free Positivity Apps to Manage Mental Health and Boost Your Spirits

5 Free Positivity Apps to Manage Mental Health and Boost Your Spirits

Everyday life can really wear you down. Try these helpful apps that can manage your mental health and boost your spirits.
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Share a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday With These 5 Websites

The importance of Thanksgiving goes beyond the fact that you get off from work. It’s also not the beacon for the arrival of Christmas. The holiday is a relaxing detour from the busyness of our lives.

The Pilgrims had a hard time setting up their homes, but today we just have to take a breather and work on our relationships. As always, technology is here to help with these five Thanksgiving sites.

Make a stress-free journey, cheer yourself up with some music, eat well, shop heartily, and then say thanks before you give something back!

Map Thanksgiving from Google

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year. You will be part of serpentine lines of cars on the highways and the cavalcade of shoppers on the sidewalks. But Google doesn’t look at it like that. It wants to make your life easier with data.

Search analytics and Google Location History from last year are used to compile a map of all the places people visit during the holiday week. This is compared to a non-holiday week and what emerges is a deep insight into the best and worst times to be on the road.

The data here can help you tweak your plans and have a stress-free holiday or road trip.

For instance, you can do a city-wide scan for crowds at bakeries, grocery stores, liquor stores, movie theaters, and shopping centers. Avoid them during peak hours indicated in the “map”. Another little tool on the page calculates the best and worst times to leave for your Thanksgiving road trip.

Spotify's Soundtrack Your Ride

Road trips come with their own set of decisions. Often, the quality and memories of the ride can be decided by simple things like a song playlist. A classic Thanksgiving road trip can exhaust the better part of even two days.

It can be just a couple of hours too. But why waste the occasion when you can call upon Spotify to design the perfect playlist for you.

Soundtrack Your Ride is a new tool from Spotify that creates a custom playlist of any length based on a few answers to the questions it asks you.

For instance, Spotify will quiz you on who are you traveling with? Then you will be asked to pick a genre, your particular kind of drive vibe, your ultimate driving song, and type of car.

The screenshot above shows a 30-song playlist Spotify made for me based on a three-hour imaginary road trip. It’s a mix and match of songs that are also influenced by your previous listening history. Although, I have no idea why the quiz asked for my car type.

Search for Thanksgiving recipes with Bing

The recipe carousel on Bing’s search page has existed for some time. But it’s time to draw attention to it again this year because it can be a time saver. Thanksgiving dinners mean huge feasts and a variety of them. Use Bing Search to find the right recipes.

Bing’s recipe search collects them from the best recipe sites on the web and gives you a few more filters to sift through them. The photos of the dishes are a big help too. Use the Total time, Nutrition, and Best match filters to find a dish you can cook without trouble.

Click on a dish and it opens to reveal a card with a list of ingredients, nutritional facts, and the substitutions you can make. Of course, a button leads you to the source site and the full set of instructions.

Now, you have enough time to set your table before the guests arrive.

Black Find the Best Shopping Deals for Thanksgiving

Black Find the Best Shopping Deals for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving leads to Black Friday and this announces the first day of Christmas shopping. Promotions, deals, and the mad scramble ensue. It’s tough to keep up where the best offer is coming from.

Of the many sites that showcase Black Friday deals, we are going with this one. It aggregates ad scans from all the popular stores like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target. You can click on any of them to dive into the catalog of discounts and offers from that store. Choose a deal and click through to the site for the purchase.

You can shop by category too instead of going to each store. But signing up for deal alerts and fresh ad scans could be another way to jump ahead of the queue.

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement

Thanksgiving and the idea of giving something back to society are always tied together. The day to be thankful is also an important reminder that there are the less fortunate among us. GivingTuesday could just set the mood for the winter holidays.

GivingTuesday is held annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year it will be on December 3, 2019. The global celebration begins at midnight local time and runs for 24 hours. One single day is devoted to doing good in any way possible.

The easiest way to jump in is to search for something that helps your community. The site has a search engine that can connect you to many local charities. Take it from there.

The site says that there are over 200 local GivingTuesday movements in the United States and 60 country campaigns. It has the makings of a global movement.

Have the Best Thanksgiving Yet!

A journey, some music, good food, great Black Friday bargains, and generosity represent all the rites of passage you must go through during Thanksgiving. They are as imperative as the turkey or the lumpy mashed potatoes.

And if you are hosting a party for family and friends, there’s still time to plan the perfect Thanksgiving party

How to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving with These Top Guides

How to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving with These Top Guides

Make this Thanksgiving unforgettable. You may be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. Or for the umpteenth time. Either way, these are the “How-To” guides you should turn to for the perfect holiday.
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Google ponders shaming slow websites inside Chrome

Google this week said it may identify slow-loading websites in Chrome, shaming their developers to up their game.

“In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging,” wrote a trio of Chrome developers – Addy Osmani, Ben Greenstein and Bryan McQuade – in a post to the Chromium blog. They used the term badging to refer to on-screen cues and clues. “This may take a number of forms and we plan to experiment with different options, to determine which provides the most value to our users.”

According to Osmani, Greenstein and McQuade, Chrome will spotlight sites that “are authored in a way that makes them slow generally, looking at historical load latencies.” Molasses-slow sites, for example, may come with messages as the page forms up, warning waiting users that it “usually loads slow.” Presumably, that would give users a chance to abandon the intended destination, or – for those of the glass-half-full persuasion – the patience to wait. Fast sites could be tagged with a color-coded progress bar – Google suggested green – to “reward sites delivering fast experiences.”

The three engineers said that the move to highlight slow and fast sites would be conducted in “gradual steps” and the definitions of each would be “based on increasingly stringent criteria.”

Google’s rationale for the effort? “We’re constantly working to give users an experience that is instant as they browse the web,” wrote Osmani, Greenstein and McQuade.

Yet this won’t be about Chrome, as are most Google initiatives. If Google goes through with this, Chrome won’t become faster (or slower). Instead, it’s a way to deflect criticism. When users encounter a slow site, the browser – any browser – gets the first blast of condemnation. (Some may wonder if their network speed suddenly sank, perhaps because of a flaky ISP or even competition for consumption.) By pointing out that Site Y “usually loads slow,” Google preempts any carping about Chrome.

The longer play, of course, is to use Chrome’s dominance – last month it accounted for 67.4% of global browser activity by the tally of analytics vendor Net Applications – to pressure sites to become objectively faster. Along those lines, Osmani, Greenstein and McQuade offered site designers and developers some tips, including pointers to tools for measuring site performance.

Google has made a career out of pressuring the web to adopt its “advice,” leveraging the popularity of Chrome to get its way, whether that meant shifting to HTTPS or extending the lifetime of aged OSes, such as Windows XP, by supporting them long after their own makers dropped them. In most instances, cases could certainly be made that while the initiatives benefited users, they also did Google.

Chrome announced this “you’re slow” project Monday at its Chrome Dev Summit, which wraps up Tuesday. Neither the company nor the three developers who authored the blog hinted at a timetable for including slow-fast site labeling in the browser.

chrome slow fast site labeling Google

Google may have Chrome label slow sites as a warning to users and an incentive to website developers to make their pages load faster. Google also plans to acknowledge faster sites.

Copyright © 2019 IDG Communications, Inc.

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Mobile App Website Inspiration: 20 Application Websites And Tips To Design One

App websites are sometimes neglected by app owners. The owners or developers set up everything in place for the app to go ballistic on the market, except doing the basic marketing step: designing an app website that converts your visitors to users.

But is it enough to create a random website for an app?


If you do a rushed job, your website will be just as good as not having one. You’ll end up having visitors come to your site that you’ve been promoting and they’ll close the tab as fast as they’ve clicked on your link.

You can avoid this unfortunate situation if you take the time to create eye-catching and engaging app websites designed to consistently convert visitors into users.

It’s really not all that difficult when you follow these 5 simple steps.


5 Simple Steps to Creating the Best App Websites

Step 1: Choose a Mesmerizing Color Palette

Not everyone will necessarily agree with your idea of what a mesmerizing color palette would be. Maybe you’re not even sure what it should look like.

Not a problem. Stick to these 3 simple rules and your selection should be spot on every time:

  • Your palette should feature colors that immediately attract visitors’ attention.
  • Make sure it’s on brand so as not to detract from the message.
  • It needs to be visually supportive of the message as well.

Notice how the use of pastel color touches in this Headspace example are every bit as effective as bold, brash colors. Much more so in fact. They give the site a friendly, lighthearted look that helps to convey the message.


You can create a similar colorful app website with this Be Theme pre-built website that puts an eye-catching palette of bold colors to good use.


Magpie illustrates the result of creating a color palette that aligns perfectly with its brand – in this case, visually memorable pastels.


Muse’s subtle use of a natural, neutral color palette reinforces the message that their product line makes users more mindful and connected as they go about their daily lives.


On the other hand, the vibrancy of the BeApp2 color palette is designed to perfectly appeal to a large audience of physically active users.


Step 2: Feature Crystal-Clear Product Photos and Images

People don’t want clever hints as to what the app looks like. Anytime visitors have to try to figure things out you’ll likely loose them. They want to be able to clearly understand how easy or how difficult using the app will be; and above all how it differs from the other 400 similar ones on the market.

Bite for example, clearly displays how the app appears on a smartphone while giving the user a sense of how easy it is to work with.


You can create a similar app website with BeWallet. This pre-built website provides an excellent starting point for building a website designed for financial apps. Financial apps are in great demand; especially those that are both helpful and straightforward to work with.


BeSoftware provides an excellent foundation for creating a website that allows a visitor to navigate through the inner workings of the app.


The use of before and after examples is a simple yet highly credible way to demonstrate what an app is capable of. JibJab applies this tactic to near perfection.


Step 3: Give Visitors A Clear Picture Of How The App Works

Showing visitors what an app does is a necessary step, but it’s not enough. You need to show how the app works as well. One of the most effective sales drivers lies in the ability of an app website to allow visitors to imagine themselves as actual users of the app.

Video is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. PeekCalendar’s hero section includes such a video.


BePolyglot may not have been initially created only for presenting an app, but its product in use hero section is exactly what you need to offer the users a preview of your app.


The best way to present a video is to invite the visitor to watch it (not everyone enjoys watching a video that automatically runs). BePay’s video is opened with a CTA button above the fold.


Tunity’s website uses a slider in the hero section to show several examples of how the product works. In fact, the entire website brilliantly presents the various workings of the app in great detail.


Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid To (Over)Use “White” Space On App Websites

An overly generous use of white space often does more good than harm, while sparse usage can have the opposite effect. Use just enough white space to highlight the main message on the page. Add a little bit more, and you’ll be in great shape. White space makes it easier for visitors to focus on a single message or element, or on several.

Curio utilizes a clean, fresh design that makes it ever-so-easy for the eye to focus on what’s most important.


The BeProduct4 or BeHosting2 pre-built websites can be used to create an app website that has the same, clean and fresh effect. Dark “white space” is used effectively in one example; white and pale blue in the other. The message is clearly presented in both examples.


SpellTower is an extreme example of white space usage. 90% or more of the page is white space, yet it is by no means excessive. The user clearly knows where to go or what to do next.


Step 5: Use CTA Designs That Will Grab Visitors By The Eyeballs

The very worst thing you can do with a CTA button (with the possible exception of causing it to send a visitor to the wrong place) is to make it hard to locate. The simple fact is, you want to make it virtually impossible to miss and make your visitor feel compelled to click on it.

Bright and bold are the operative parameters.

The Splitwise CTA button clearly stands out. A visitor will first be drawn to the headline, next to the sub-headline, and the flow naturally extends to the CTA button which is easy to see.


BeERP uses a bright green color to draw attention to the primary CTA button and a somewhat plainer color (black) to highlight the secondary button.


As the BeKids example illustrates, it can be perfectly OK to use the same color for the CTA button as is used in other visual elements; in this case blue. Rather than being lost in the shuffle, the button stands out.




Follow these 5 surefire steps and you should have little problem creating an app website that’s designed to turn visitors into customers. Your mesmerizing color palette and clean imagery will attract attention. Clearly illustrating what the app does and enabling a potential user to visualize how to work with it keeps visitors engaged. White space helps to make the user experience a pleasant one, and bright bold CTA buttons lead to conversions.

It’s important however to remember that the website presentation should be geared to making the intended audience want to use the app.

If you really intend to create as many app websites as possible (while avoiding Christmas Every Day or Groundhog Day issues) you might want to check out Be Theme’s gallery of more than 450 customizable pre-built websites. They’re functional and visually impressive, and they have intuitive navigation and everything else you need to create one attention-getting app website after another.


[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of Be Theme –]

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