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How to Cancel Your YouTube TV Subscription

When YouTube TV first launched, many praised it as being one of the best values in the world of live TV streaming subscriptions. Now, whether you no longer use the service or are tired of price increases, here’s how to cancel your YouTube TV membership. Cancel Your Subscription From the Web The easiest way to…

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5 Interactive YouTube Games That Still Work

When you think of YouTube, interactive games probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. However, clever creators once came up with many games you can play on YouTube. Similar to classic “choose your own adventure” books and interactive fiction games, interactive YouTube games let you make choices to move the story forward. Unfortunately,…

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YouTube Makes Its Homepage Easier to Use

YouTube is rolling out a new homepage. This is designed for desktop users, plus tablet users on both Android and iOS. The homepage has been redesigned so that it’s cleaner, clearer, and easier to find the videos you actually want to watch. Exploring the YouTube Homepage While most of us open YouTube specifically to…

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YouTube Launches a Bandersnatch-Style Interactive Film

YouTube has launched its first interactive film. It’s called A Heist With Markiplier, and, as the title suggests, it stars popular YouTuber Markiplier. Interactive films have been a thing on YouTube for many years, but this is the first professional production. From Bandersnatch to Markiplier Interactive films, which let you choose the course of the…

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