Throwback Thursday: Pretty much what everyone means by it

It’s a few years ago, and this pilot fish is working at a big computer company where he’s getting ready to move into a new position.

“I was leaving a team of highly skilled developers that I had hand-picked,” fish says. “I insisted that, before I left, I got a chance to brief the new manager.”

Fish’s bosses assure him that his replacement is the cream of the crop, and perfectly suited for a dynamic, high-tech development environment.

At the appointed time, everyone sits down together: fish, his replacement and the team leads. Fish begins to explain the goals of the team, including the fact that it was dedicated to providing software that doesn’t require a reboot to install.

Says fish, “At that, my replacement interrupted and said, ‘OK, now, when you say, “Reboot,” what exactly do you mean by that?’

“I’m not sure, but I think I cried.”

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