Top 10 file-sharing options: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more

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Formerly YouSendIt, Hightail features an interface built around shared Spaces, making it well-suited for group collaboration. When you create a new Space, you name and define the project’s goal. You can request approvals on video, photo, and other files in your Space from others; track all recent activity; and keep drafts private but still share them with access codes.

Hightail plays well with other file sharing services, too. You can drag and drop files into a Space from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Hightail is versatile, with third-party app integration, apps for iOS and Android, and macOS and Windows apps, with automatic desktop folder syncing.

There are two different types of plans: file sharing (meant for individuals) and creative collaboration, which includes file sharing and additional features meant for teams. Hightail recently downgraded the file-size send limit from 250MB to 100MB for its free ‘Lite’ plan, unfortunately, and increased its pricing.

Free account storage space: 2GB

Free account max file size: 100MB

Paid accounts: Pro, unlimited storage, $12/month; Teams, unlimited storage, $24/user/month; Business, $36/user/month. (See plan details.)

Paid account max file size: Pro, 25GB; Teams, 50GB; Business, 100GB.

Additional features with paid plans: Expiration date control; delivery notifications; tracking for sent files; password protection; phone support.

Time to upload 195MB file: 49 sec.

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